Marlon Brando as THE GODFATHER, Paramount Pictures, and JAF IMAGES

When Trump announced he would run or POTUS, the left and the media all had the same comment, “But he’s not a politician.”

My immediate reaction was, you dumb, lying twerps….not a politician?  The man built a real estate empire in NYC and had to deal with crooked New York politicians, unions, the Mafia, dishonest suppliers and contractors and these morons claim he is, “Not a politician?”

The man is a master politician..Machiavelli and Churchill rolled into one.  He is the spider and they are the flies.  He is the Pitcher Plant and they will soon be the meal.  He is reeling them in like a fish on the line  They took the bait and will pay the price.

They do not understand the two primary levels of negotiation, today’s “Deal” is only a small part of long range planning…..for winning.  The old saying holds true….”Screw with the bull and you’ll get the horn.”

These “Politicians” are at a huge disadvantage dealing with President Trump.  Most of them never held a real job and had to deal with the ups an downs of the marketplace. And they think they are winning?

The politi-scum are playing checkers while the POTUS is playing three dimensional chess.