Seemingly all of Washington’s parasitic Liberals, and burrowing, Deep State, Never Trumpers, are against the President around the clock. Like ravenous bloodsuckers they dig and dig but fail to consume the host. And every one of these leeches who picks a fight with El Maestro gets smacked down hard.

Yet, they keep trying again and come back for more of the same. They never quit; they never give up; and they apparently will never go away. Are they all, some, heroic “Rocky,” trying to “go the distance?”

No, apparently they’re a bunch of dumb bugs eating away at garbage and trash, trying to kill the king, but signifying nothing.

“The rotting of the FBI hierarchy escalated when then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and then-agent Peter Strzok, enabled by former Director James Comey and the Obama-era Justice Department, utilized an ‘unsubstantiated’ dossier created by former British spy, Christopher Steele (financed by the Clinton campaign)….

“…to request a FISA warrant to wiretap Trump campaign advisor Carter Page….”

Washington, D.C. really is a cesspool of collusion — but it’s not imaginary collusion with Russia that threatens our democracy; it’s the collusion among unelected bureaucrats to overturn the people’s choice to elect Donald Trump as President.

—Ms Sidney Powell, TownHall.Com

The score seems to be:

TRUMP: 100


Yet, once again, we have been subjected to another, “bombshell” drop. A discredited BuzzFeed article alleged—as Town Hall put it— “President Trump directed ex-personal lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a proposed real estate deal in Moscow.”

Once again, a drooling, hyperventilating media and Democrats everywhere were popping corks and celebrating how they’d “finally gotten,” Donald Trump. How he’d be perp-walked out of the White House, hopefully in cuffs, likely destroyed, and impeached. There was finally joy in Mudville.

Then, I guess, the plan would have been to go after Pence, the VP, and get him thrown out too. This would automatically leave the ravening mob with an up and coming Ms. Nancy Pelosi as President of the United States.

As Speaker Of The House, 79 year old Nancy Pelosi, is next in line after Pence.

The joy and celebrations would likely be larger and louder than anything ever seen on Earth. Democrats and liberals everywhere would be orgasmic. Parades and pink pussy hats would be everywhere. “President Elle” shirts would clothe the socialist masses. There might even be sacrifices offered up to the gods of Global Warming, or something.

Except, none of that will happen. Donald Trump is a master at baiting, handling, and turning tables on the Democrats and media. It’s a wonder to behold. Every time they look as if they have him cornered—like hounds with a fox—he dances away.

And he kicks like a horse.


Washington, D.C. is plagued by political weaponization of government, law enforcement, and media, the likes of which America has never seen — all coordinated and perpetrated by the Democrats and their Deep State allies.

According to The New York Times, the FBI secretly investigated President Trump based on concocted claims that he was working with the Russians against American interests.


There is no proof of any Trump/Russia “collusion.” Nobody normal believes in any Trump/Russia collusion. There never was any.

The entire “investigation” was really just another Democrat dirty trick, reportedly set off by the Obama-Clinton Axis to harass and “get” Donald Trump. The truly hideous part is a politicization, corruption, and weaponization of the FBI. America’s “beloved bastion against all evil” is no more—destroyed by Democrats.

America is adrift and under fire from within. America is under relentless seige, from “…all enemies, Foreign and Domestic.”

While there is no reason to believe that President Trump colluded with Russia, there are plenty of reasons to question the ethics and actions of the FBI under President Obama.

One need only look to James Comey’s memo from the day of his meeting in the Oval Office with President Obama before he was dispatched to brief President-Elect Trump on only the “salacious” aspects of the Steele Dossier. That purposely set the hook needed for Clapper or Brennan to leak it all to the media for its explosion into the press. Comey said he executed it exactly as he had planned….

…Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Joseph diGenova and former chief counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Victoria Toensing, for instance, argue that the FBI went astray when it used the unsubstantiated dossier funded by Clinton’s campaign as a justification to wiretap one of Donald Trump’s campaign advisors.


But this “collusion” that never happened will never pass and be forgotten. Because Democrats and liberals have shown repeatedly they never give up; they never quit; and, they never go away. It doesn’t matter if allegations are lies.

If you’re a Democrat—a Socialist—then your lies are just too juicy and cloudy to ever give up on them. Even now, some Democrat enablers defend the discredited BuzzFeed article and, thereby, themselves

Gripped by the delusion they helped create, the mainstream media have abandoned all pretense of objectivity and professional ethics to become the fake news for the Resistance.

Few news cycles pass where they fail to break a story of Trump’s traitorous exploits while arguing for and predicting his impending removal from office and criminal prosecution.

When the stories are promptly debunked by the emerging alternative media, the Resistance journos move shamelessly to the next cycle and repeat.  While Trump ridicules them and calls them to return to the higher ideals of their profession, they suffer no consequence for their incompetence and dishonesty.


Democrats never admit defeat; they never surrender; and they absolutely will never ever stop until Trump and conservatives are gone, or dead.

Republicans habitually fall upon their own wounded and consume them to please a Republican-baiting media.

Whether a Representative Peter T. King is guilty of “racism” or not, should not be the main issue in a current meme. The main issue should be that “racism” no longer has any meaning. It’s been used in more contexts than anyone can name. It’s overdone, misused, and used up.

Is Peter King a “racist?” I DON’T EVEN KNOW—what the hell the word means anymore. It seems to me that the word is like the plot to get the President. It’s just another meaningless, unfounded, politicized trick. Another, dirty, Democrat ploy.

The main issue Republicans never seem to learn is: that Democrats, liberals, and the leftist media will Never love them. Republicans fear liberal attacks on words, deeds and even non-deeds, as much as they fear being called names, like “racist,” or “unsympathetic.”

Washington, D.C. really is a cesspool of collusion — but it’s not imaginary collusion with Russia that threatens our democracy; it’s the collusion among unelected bureaucrats to overturn the people’s choice to elect Donald Trump as President.


Pointless Republicans. Weak, terrified.

There’s a scene in the movie, BRAZIL. A hero appears in the nick of time. He beats up the enemy. He remains free. From his perch on a high balcony amid canyons of threatening buildings—he clips up to a long cable, and slides away until he’s invisible in the distance, and vanishes.

Robert Di Nero in BRAZIL, 1985, Embassy International Pictures,, and JAF IMAGES
BRAZIL, Amazon Streaming Video, and JAF IMAGES

That hero is like our nimble President—Donald J. Trump.

“Make America Great Again,” Donald.

Beat the crap out of liars, villains, and enemies—both Foreign and Domestic—and slide onward.


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