“The Relentless Pursuit of Creating The Greatest Aggregate Link News Site On Earth.” (WhatFinger.Com)

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I have wanted to say this for awhile. And I have wanted to say it soon.

It seems to me the innovative website, WhatFinger.Com, contributes a unique way of publishing conservative news. Changes are being wrought by them in the Blogosphere—what I think are major changes in the way news is perceived, analyzed, and written.

We’re creating the best link aggregate site on Earth! More news daily than ANY site out there, making you, the readers of Whatfinger better informed on world events and politics in the U.S. than any other site bar none. That’s our pledge to you!


At the creative level, “wrought” is a correct word to use here. Because we live in a creative, inspired blogosphere—not so much in a cold, “chronicled news” world. Here, things are wrought, not just laid out. Here, the news is shaken, not just stirred up.

Most actual Truth comes from conservative blogs—websites—and not the so-called, Main Stream Media.

Older-style, conservative websites seemed to have concentrated on politely chronicling events. Stuck in a much older literary tradition of refinement, they seem almost PC in a modern desire to “play by the rules.”

You know—the same way Mitt Romney seems to think he looks “Presidential” as he curtseys  to the Left.

“Curtsey” – Definition:  a gesture of respect or reverence made…by bending the knees with one foot forward and lowering the body.

WhatFinger.Com forges ahead in a collected, calm, almost military manner. First, they discriminate in what they publish or headline. They do not just slam in any old blog or news story. They do not paste in mere shock-bait.

They publish a very broad spectrum of events and news. They update themselves frequently.

I don’t know when they sleep or eat.

A resultant of WhatFinger.Com’s literary effort is that, now—their system of news presentation has been “equalized.” Little Guys are published right next to Big Guys. Any blogger can appear next to any other blogger.

As a result, mega-writers with stratospheric followings are actually reading smaller bloggers.

Leaders of the Democrat party, such as Rob Reiner, Kathy Griffin, Robert Di Nero, Michael Moore, Bill Mahr, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others also now get to actually find and read what the Little Guy on the Right is thinking and saying.

Smaller bloggers don’t always worry about pleasing some yuge, “civil-minded” readership. Everybody wants to tell the truth and get results. Everybody blogging wants to change minds.

With the mega-writers now reading smaller bloggers, I’m seeing a melding of styles,  Content, and presentation.

Big Guys and Little Guys are swapping pet words, phrases, and ideas.

Barriers of “polite civility” and—therefore, un-intended, older-style obfuscation— are dropping away.

Articles have become shorter. There’s less of a rote, chronicling. A true events picture emerges. We are beginning to get good investigations, strong opinions, bold stances, and concrete suggestions.

Articles are more to the point. And “the point” grows sharper and sharper.

Vision becomes clearer. More inspirational. Writers stand a better chance of “changing minds” of those who read them.

All of this is happening right now. It’s ongoing and I see it daily. In my opinion, this “sea-change” in our Blogosphere is occuring because of what— WhatFinger.Com has wrought in its reporting and presentation.

This is a good thing.

This is many good things, in one, bold literary package.