SOOO, KATHY GRIFFIN wants to do What?

…far-left activist Kathy Griffin called for doxxing and publicly shaming the high school students at Friday’s March for Life who were accused of mocking a Native American man.

“…The reply from the school was pathetic and impotent. Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these fuckers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again,” Kathy Griffin said in a social media post Sunday.

Sooo, Kathy Griffin wants “doxx? Documents released on kids? 


As an old former private eye, I know how to look up documents on people. I could maybe help Kathy get her wish. For that matter Kathy could hire a local private eye to do it for her. Of course, he might then gather information about her for sale. She couldn’t really trust anybody.

Oh! But these days, Anybody can look stuff up for themselves online. I’m certain she could use the Internet by herself behind locked doors, to find her “doxx,” which to her apparently means names. And addresses, too?

Even CNN is jumping in. Imagine! And Kirsten Powers—whoever she might be—is right there with CNN statements and posts:

The Black Hebrew Israelites also compare the students to dogs and hyenas and challenge them to a fight. At one point, as Powers notes,  the harassers [the Black Hebrew Israelites] shouted at the students: “Ya’ll got one n***er in the crowd!”


Ms. Powers and Ms. Griffin certainly seem to be condemning these kids. But, all seemingly based on early versions of the “story” which have now been discredited.

They seem to want violence on these kids, anyway. On children.

“The old Ultra Violence,” as in the dystopian film, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, (1971).

Why else would Ms. Griffin call for their names? Could it be, so that their home addresses might also be obtained?

But, why would she want their home addresses?

Possible answers might be:

1.) To help identify them.

2.) So people would know where they reside.

Why might Ms. Griffin want that?

Police officers in Washington are investigating the protest, vandalism, and alleged attempted breaking-and-entering conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson’s house as a possible hate crime. The video above shows the same group harassing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) at a restaurant in September.

A group of far-left extremists went to Carlson’s house on Nov. 7 and started shouting. Some pressed the doorbell and one, according to the wife of the Fox News host who was home at the time, tried to break down the front door.


The old Ultra Violence? On children?

Is that the reasoning? Is that the sort of people in entertainment, and media, today?

What do they want out of this hubbub they’ve created? Why the extremism and lies? Why do they lionize and protect a “Native American” whose veracity and professed military service are each in question? 

It’s been confirmed that during the Viet Nam war this liberal, activist, “Tribal Elder,” Nathan Phillips was a stateside refrigeration mechanic. He was never deployed to Viet Nam.

What the hell could they all be thinking? What’s their ultimate goal?

I don’t exactly know.

Do you?



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