A Robber With A Gun Demanded Drugs From A Pharmacist And Was Shot Dead

Sheriff Champagne said 36-year-old Mark Fisher, Jr. of Madisonville put on a mask and went into Thrift Village Drugs in the Village Square shopping center Monday night, shortly before closing time at 6 p.m.

The sheriff said Fisher was armed with a semi-automatic handgun and tied up a woman who worked there and demanded narcotics.

The pharmacist said they [the narcotics] were locked up and he had to get a key out of his bag, instead the pharmacist pulled his personal gun and shot Fisher in the leg [hitting a femoral artery.]

“We believe that in the shooting, the pharmacist was completely justified, we believe this was a shooting in self-defense, and the pharmacist had ample reason to fear for his life and his safety,” Champagne said.


There are many such events every day. They are real events, not “news stories” about events.

News stories and reality can be different. The news does not come down as natural fact from demi-gods. Events are real things that happen. The so-called, “news,” is a reporting of what writers are told happened. These days, it can also be interpretive, speculative, or fake, made-up “news.”

Despite what apologist liberals or media people might say— it seems crime has been generally a losing battle. Ever since we as a populous culture handed ourselves over to lawyers, judges, touts, public servants, and pressure from liberal media, questions seem to haunt and paralyze us.

There shouldn’t be any paralyzing doubt if you have taken time to learn the law and learn the gun.

“Samuel Colt Made All Men Equal.” In Sam Colt’s, earlier, “wild west” era every woman and man had a power in our own hands. We had the Equalizer: we had Sam Colt’s revolver.

We had a right to true self defense. We had the power to act in true self defense. We had the power to protect ourselves or property. No matter what size or gender we were, all of us were equal.

The gun can be your friend. What is a gun?

In 1836, Samuel Colt received a patent for his version of a weapon with fixed barrel and rotating, 6-shot cylinder. This “gun” revolver could fire up to 6 bullets consecutively without stopping to reload.

Colt’s U.S. revolver patent gave him a monopoly on revolver manufacture until 1857.[16] His was the first practical revolver and the first practical repeating firearm, thanks to progress made in percussion technology.

No longer a mere novelty arm, the revolver became an industrial and cultural legacy as well as a contribution to the development of war technology, ironically personified in the name of one of his company’s later innovations, the “Peacemaker“.[15]


Ergo, according to Wikipedia (above), the gun was a weapon of “cultural legacy,” or war “technology.”

Sounds bad?

In using the word, “ironically” (above), Wikipedia automatically demonstrates how engrained the so-called, “bad,” or “evil” of firearms has become in our “cultural legacy.”

If something is “ironical,” that means “exhibiting, or characterized by…mockery.” But this would be a philosophical view, and not a true view of actual events. 

Our true cultural legacy, it seems to me, has always been a right to self defense. This is an inherent legacy of Humanity. If one’s own humanity makes self defense an issue, then that’s personal, and not usual of Humanity. And there was nothing ironic or mocking about Colt’s Peacemaker. It was designed to keep the peace. And, it mostly did.

As they say, an armed society is a polite society. There is nothing inherently evil about a gun. Any more than something is inherently evil in one’s own human fingers and hands.

In good hands the gun can be a good thing.

Without the gun there is no equalized self defense. You are reduced to muscles, moves, blades, sticks, rocks, lawyers, touts, and vicissitudes of some court. Not all courts are the same. Not all jurors are reasonable. Not all judges are wise.

Any contest can be inherently unequal—destined against you and against victory. The key word here is “unequal.” If the contest is unequal, then you can lose, no matter how right and  correct you may be.

If a masked robber with a gun walks into your store and makes a violent demand, what are you supposed to do? Be concerned for his welfare? Consider his background? Wait to see if you get killed?

No. You would have a chance to shoot first and ask about his childhood later. But, if you killed him? Well. He was there with a gun, and could have killed you first. You didn’t sign some liberal suicide pact, did you? He could have left the gun home. He could have stayed out of your store. He didn’t have to come into your store and make his violent demand while pointing a gun at you.

When I hear liberals say, “Oh, I don’t believe in guns,” or “Oh, I don’t think I could take another’s life, even if it meant giving up my own,” I just marvel. I stare. It’s unbelievable to me.

Because in “situations,” the one who paralytically hesitates, can be the one who leaves in a body-bag. In such cases, thoughts can kill. You have a right to self-defense. The sacrificing-yourself-part is an entirely other decision.

To stop an attack, we are told to use only equal force, no more. We are told only use enough force to stop the attack.

It reportedly goes like this: if someone comes at you with a weapon, you have the right to stop the attack. Technically, you could shove them, or kill them. But, if they are running away, or the attack has stopped, you have no right to just kill them. The attack is over.

Once the attack has stopped, or they are leaving, your part is done.

But you had a right to self defense. You still do. Just don’t break laws set up to protect and restrain you, because there are penalties.

Anybody who’s responsibly taken a concealed carry or gun rights course has likely been exposed to laws. Learn the laws, and learn guns. Even if you elect not to carry or own a gun, know the law. Know the gun. Take the courses.

And don’t believe any contrarian, liberal, “progressive” claptrap.



‘…For some reason, the perpetrator turned back and physically charged the pharmacist,’ Champagne said. ‘The pharmacist, not knowing whether he was still armed or not, fired one shot.’ The bullet struck Fisher, penetrating his femal [femoral] artery in his right leg, according to Champagne.

Champagne said Fisher ran to the back of the strip mall, where he collapsed and died before deputies and EMT arrived.




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