Right about now you might be in pile-on mode, trashing Trump for “caving.” But this would only be parroting unwarranted Lib-Speak. Democrat screeching, for, “We Won, and You Lost!”

No they didn’t win. No we didn’t lose. It ain’t over until it’s over or the fat lady sings.

Trump has not “caved” to the Left. Give him a chance to operate. Let him swing out the big cargo and drop it cleanly on deck when he’s ready. He’s obviously playing a very long con here—a long game of chess, not checkers.

Pay attention: this ain’t no disco. This is real life. This is real street-bashing, America-churning, kick-butt politics. This is the great American game of power and money. It’s being played in public, right in front of you. Watch and learn.

Yes, the President already had enough justification to declare an emergency and build the wall. Yes, he could have engaged in glorious drama and given his SOTU speech from some sunlit American mountaintop. Yes, he could have done a lot of things that would have pleased his Base.

But—you see—he’s not playing against his base.

He’s playing against the Democrats.

And with infallible eagle-eyes, he has never lost sight of the target. The goal. His ultimate victory over Democrats.

His audience is not you—you might feel let down or even betrayed. But you will laud and praise Donald Trump when this is over. When he plays his hand and high chips. When he kicks Democrat butt all over the House, Senate, and Country.

When he builds the wall; when he gives his SOTU; when he does whatever else he has planned in this long con he’s running. On his own terms. In his own time. His own way.

Because it’s Democrats who’ve walked into a trap—not Trump. Nobody traps Trump. It doesn’t happen.

It’s Democrats who are on stage LIVE and in color with Trump—not Trump who is on stage with Democrats. And the entire world is watching this performance. Smooth and masterful by Trump. Glossy and stupid by Democrats.

In my opinion, Trump’s ultimate target is Democrat cohesion itself. The famed Democrat unity, armor, and circling of wagons—Democrat one for all, and all for one.

Trump’s long game seems guaranteed to split the Democrats wide open in a Democrat Civil War.

They will launch on each other in flaming, Katyusha-like barrages of recrimination, doubt, and hate. They will lurch in different directions. They will break apart. They will burn their own wagons to the ground.

The House of Democrats will implode on itself. There will be damage and chaos everywhere. The Grand will fall. Media Darlings will be loathed. The Low will be raised up.

It will come down to Democrat against Democrat. They will massacre themselves.

Give Donald time to un reel his master plan. You will love him again afterwards. There’s time.


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