It seems to me that Democrats, liberals, “progressives,” socialists, and other communistic Totalitarian types run on unreasoning instinct. This is at a primitive level—and apparently bred-in..

When blind instinct is triggered—that’s how you get bitten or killed. If you even seem to present some sort of threat, any animal’s “civility” can be consumed by instinct.

A true liberal is like that. In most cases they cannot be reasoned with or changed. It almost doesn’t matter what evidence to the opposite might be shown. They continue to believe whatever they already believe.

They more than likely will remain orthodox, rock-ribbed, dyed in the wool, and religiously —Leftist.

In this current Age their doctrine and catechism appear to enshrine certain views. These seem to include ideas of “Trump and all conservatives must go,” or die.  And, also, that their propagandist Media is never, ever wrong or tells lies.

Of course the media lies all the time. They do it to inculcate stated Democrat goals of implementing world-wide socialism and control by any means necessary. By any means at all.

Also, liberals and the media seem to hold as sacred: “Global Warming (AKA, now, as ‘Climate Change’),” abortion, open borders and illegal Democrat voters, Islam only, violence and crime in the name of socialism, drugs good, all whites are racist—bad, no ‘racism’ allowed (shows how liberals are really racist), one world, one color (more liberal racism), and other perversions of what a Good and Fair America used to be.

Why are Liberals like this? What do they actually believe? What do they really want? Just what—exactly—are they After?

The answers bear repeating.

Democrats seem to embrace as holy anything that undermines America, Americans, or the American Way. They want America gone—in order to replace it with some imagined,  socialist fantasy world.


Evil? – White Terrorists? – “Thanksgivng,” by Norman Rockwell,


Uncle Karl from Germany – “Hey, bro, we’re good.” — From, “Karl Marx, Hegel, and Communism.”

To concentrate on actual antics of Liberals is to lose sight of the ball. By immersing in what ever new Diversion they create, a conservative can lose the path; fall out of the game. Believe in the liberal Democrat con being run.

For me, the absolute main “Target” is who they really are and what they really want. I try not to get sidetracked by magic shows, such as those at Covington, Washington, or Kingdom Come.

To me, Democrat Leadership gyrations are good as any old-time street magic. It’s just a diversion. While the left hand tricks you, the right hand moves to elicit and enforce a Planetary System. What they want is global, socialist, Marxist, or ”progressive” communism and enslavement. Like all street magic, it’s directed at You.

This message must be repeated often. It seems pretty simple to me, and warrants brevity. So, I’ll be brief.

Don’t let them dissemble, or confuse you. Don’t be distracted by Democrat behavior or antics. It’s not about just what they permit you to see. Keep your eyes on the board: on the game actually being played.

Right now, the game is called:

Fool You To Bring The Enslavement Of Communism Upon You.


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