Actress Patricia Arquette took the stage Sunday night at the 25th annual Screen Actor’s Guild Award and gave a shout out to special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Thank you, Robert Mueller and everyone working to make sure we have sovereignty for the United States of America!” Patricia Arquette shouted to the star-studded audience at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall, Los Angeles, CA, while accepting the award for Actor for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries for her performance in the Showtime drama Escape at Dannemora.


First: anybody thanking dirty cop, failed cop, and leftist politician Robert Mueller for ANYthing is in my book an idiot. As to who this cited “actress” is, I have zero idea. I don’t watch phony, make-believe “stories.”

Second: if fewer people watched the stupid scripts on television, there would be fewer stupid people.

Third: the message doesn’t change. How could it?

It’s said fewer than 500 men and women write EVERYthing that is seen on TV and in the movies. That means that their nightmares and fantasies are now yours. They are inside your brain. They motivate and move you. Like with tiny motors and fishing line.

Please tell me: WHAT would such “folks” know about reality? What would they know about you, your life, or your families? How could pampered, coddled, drugged-up, let’s-play-pretend, multi-millionaires possibly feel anything real for you?

What you see on TV and in movies is not reality. It is make-believe, made up, invented, cobbled together from this and that. It’s fake, false, imagined, re-imagined, and it’s lies. Rarely will it advise you how to behave morally or in an honorable way.

No. Today’s sickass TV and movie productions are made for profit. And they are made with a demonstrably leftist ideology. They “market” whatever a writer writes them to be marketable about.

Whatever that writer is told to sell—they are contracted to sell. He or she is just a hired gun. They use the seemingly magical power of magnified words and moving images to ensnare and enslave your imagination and mind. They brainwash you.

Script-writers sell things. They demonstrate. They remonstrate. They indoctrinate. They inculcate. They are not interested in morality, honor, bravery, real masculinity, femininity, or the truth and sacrifice of conservatively minded people. Not really. They may temporarily mimic our values, but they don’t mean it.

Who the hell are their new “heroes?” Who is this mouthy, delusional actress at the Screen Actor Guild Awards? I still don’t know, and I don’t actually care.

I don’t give a crap WHAT she spews or imagines. She’s not a real person. She’s given a temporary pedestal by a sycophantic media that craves access.

To sell their product they need things to report. They need readers and viewers. They need access to “stars,” so they can amuse, engross, and assuage a psychologically-minimized audience. Their readers and watchers seem to bask like lizards in hot light reflected by TV and movie “stars.”

Perpetually, the small, “little guy,” can only remain outside the rope line to gaze in awe at leftist multi-millionaires they helped create. They have replaced their ancient gods and religion with a newer, failed Mythology. They no longer know how to live their lives or what to do here.

In desperation to “connect” with “something greater than themselves,” they reach out. It’s a new religion. Because they lost their old religions. They feel it—there’s more to the universe, much more.

But they don’t know what it is. They feel it, and they reach out for it, but they can’t Connect. Instead of reaching for the stars, they reach for some stupid movie star.

They seek the reflected glory of a DiNero, Clooney, Carrey, or the liberal jackass who plays Captain America, or the loudmouth non-American in the Bat Suit, or the leftist Canadian Super Girl, or some other creation in a Halloween costume.

Where once America had the American Way, now it worships computer generated images, drugged-up actors, and film editing.

Tell me where that leads?

It leads in circles. It leads nowhere. The denouement—the ending—can only be destructive or self-destructive. It’s why—for gods’ sakes!—so many of them end up as suicides, or drugged dead on the floor, twisted dead in sheets, or—like Robin Williams—strung up, dead, and half-naked from the waist down.

You’re more than just an ending like that.

You’re better than those scenes. You mean more than that to real people. You’re important to yourself, to your family, and to America. To Reality.

You don’t need lying TV shows, leaping movies, or stupid SAG awards.

Find out for yourself what’s real. What matters. What you should do here.



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