This is about the “common sense” gun-grabbing state of Maryland. It seems to me that whatever they may vote for regarding “sensible gun control” will be more Democrat, liberal insanity.

You know—something like, The Baltimore School Board voting to take away all police guns in all its schools, after an armed police officer shoots and * stops * an attacker in a high school?

OH WAIT! That already happened!

They did that already….

The Baltimore City school board voted down a measure that would allow police officers to be armed in schools for the defense of students and teachers….

…On March 20, 2018, an armed officer cut short an attack on Great Mills High School, in Great Mills, Maryland. CNN reported that a student opened fire in a hallway around 7:55 a.m. but was quickly killed by Officer Blaine Gaskill.

Gaskill stopped the gunman before he could wound more than two people….


Apparently due to arguments from parents and students, or somebody, the Baltimore School Board has voted to disarm all police officers inside Baltimore schools.

You know—like in that Great Mills, Maryland, high school where an armed cop shot an armed attacker dead and probably prevented a massacre?

Parent Melissa Schober opposed armed officers by claiming that nearly every person arrested by officers in Baltimore schools has been black.

A group of students going by the name Baltimore Algebra Project protested the idea of arming police, saying, “No guns in schools. We gonna fight for our lives.”


“No guns in schools. We gonna fight for our lives.” What does that mean? Does it mean the “group of students” is going to fight attackers for their lives?

Or does it mean—what—that police are shooting and slaughtering students, and they will fight the police? As in, “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

And what does this mean? “Parent Melissa Schober opposed armed officers by claiming that nearly every person arrested by officers in Baltimore schools has been black.”

QUESTION: Who’s commiting the crimes? Who warrents the getting arrested part?

The Baltimore School Board has already voted unanimously to ban armed cops from its schools. Schools now become totally “gun-free zones.” And this is going to solve a problem of some sort? What problem does this solve?

Well, let’s see. I suppose it removes the school board from having to face criticism against Democrats, and helps guarantee their re-election. Sounds good?

Not to me. Can I say that? Is it still allowed? It seems to me like just more confused, liberal lack of logic—amok in the streets of Baltimore.

“Baltimore County school board members: Inequality persists but progress has been made” – CapitalGazette.Com, 2017

According to Wikipedia, the entire Government of Baltimore, Maryland, is Democrat. There isn’t a single Republican. Not in the Mayor, City Council, House of Delegates, State Senators, or the US House Of Representatives. It seems to be 100% Democrat.

Baltimore has been a Democrat stronghold for over 150 years, with Democrats dominating every level of government.

In virtually all elections, the Democratic primary is the real contest.[218] No Republican has won election to the city council since 1939, and no Republican has won the mayor’s race since 1963.


In 2010, according to Wikipedia, Baltimore was 63.7% “black,” and 29.6% “white.”

“Baltimore has suffered from a high homicide rate for several decades, peaking in 1993, and again in 2015.[68][69] These deaths have taken a severe toll, especially within the local black community.[70]”


The word “guns” is not mentioned once in the Wikipedia article about Maryland I looked at. Was this a lie of omission?

Checking a more specific, separate Wikipedia article, it was clear that Maryland already has some of the tightest gun laws on record.

Laws prohibiting firearms: On April 4, 2013, the Maryland General Assembly approved legislation imposing significant new restrictions on gun ownership. The bills ban the sale of certain semi-automatic firearms that they define as assault weapons, limit magazine capacity to ten rounds…standard magazines may not be transferred, given, sold or manufactured inside Maryland.[15]

And Maryland’s gun laws go on from there. You know what they are; you’ve seen it all before.

I hope the parents and students of Maryland feel better about their “gun free” schools. I hope nothing further bad happens. But, in my opinion, it was a mistake to ban cops with guns from Baltimore high schools.

Democrats, right?

As a mentor of mine kiddingly said, “You can’t live with them, and you can’t eat them.”


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