Written January 29, 2019:

In My Opinion:

I called this lies the day it was reported—as soon as I read the “story,” January 29, 2019.

Yes, I spelled “Jussie” correctly. Its about getting noticed.

Why do I have the old feeling this is just another, made-up, cow-flop script to get noticed?


UPDATE FROM THE NAACP (January 30, 2019, next day):

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons (NAACP), the country’s most influential civil rights organization, has blamed President Donald Trump for Tuesday morning’s attack on actor Jussie Smollett.

The Empire star was allegedly attacked by two men wearing ski masks in the early hours of Jan. 29 in Chicago. TMZ first reported that Smollett had identified the two attackers as white, and that he had told police that they had yelled, “This is MAGA country!” However, the Chicago Police Department has disputed that he told them that, at least initially, or identified the race of the attackers, who allegedly used racist and homophobic language and placed a rope around Smollett’s neck. The Daily Beast reported that Chicago police said the race and gender of the alleged assailants remained unknown.

Oh! The NAACP speaks out? So, now I know the truth?
So…what happened was: Trump in blackface, carrying an anti-Obama sign, wearing a MAGA hat with a noose hanged from the brim, did this, then raped and killed and ate him?

In My Opinion, Written, January 29, 2019:

A failed TV show and actor suddenly get famous from something no conservative would likely ever really do or say? Something only liberals seem to believe are hallmarks of conservatives—and dream of?

This “hate crime” conveniently has elements liberals and Democrats insist are true of all so-called, MAGA types. But such imaginings and re-imaginings seem to fester only in “progressive,” nightmare desires.

Such descriptoids in the past have never been true. To me they seem exactly what a socialist, Democrat, wet-dreamer would make up. Invent. Falsely originate.

More Lies

Empire star Jussie Smollett has been hospitalized after a “possible racially charged” attack by two men at a Subway store, the Chicago Police Department has confirmed.

According to TMZ, Jussie Smollett returned to Chicago from New York at around 2am, at which point he went to eat at his local subway. As he left the store, two men reportedly shouted at him: “Aren’t you that faggot ‘Empire’ n*****?”

“The 2 men — both white and wearing ski masks — viciously attacked Jussie as he fought back, but they beat him badly and fractured a rib,” the outlet alleged. “They put a rope around his neck, poured bleach on him and as they left they yelled, ‘This is MAGA country.’”

There have been numerous fake stories and claims in the past, and recent past. As far as I know, all of these tales have been feigned. Invented by the “abused” story tellers themselves, for whatever reason.

They were all lies concocted by wannabe victims. It probably began earnestly with the Duke lacrosse players’ accuser’s, lying, cow flop script (2006.) Since then it has become prevalent among people who seem Never to be supporters of President Trump or anything remotely conservative.

I probably don’t even need to tell you who said these disproven slogans. You probably have seen these faery tales gleefully published by the liberal, radical, media, propaganda juggernaught.

It seems they all want “ta get into the act!”

Jimmy Durante, 1940’s icon, “Umbriago! Everybody wants ta get into the act!” – travsd.files.wordpress.com

It seems to me that all of Leftist Global Media and Leftist, Socialist mass communications can’t get Left enough fast enough. As long as they believe their money, futures, and fortunes are there. It seems.

“I knew I shoulda made a LEFT turn at Albuquerque!” – Bugs Bunny, Warner Bros., i.pinimg.com

I don’t believe this Left Wing type account  from Jussie. It’s possible maybe perhaps could be “alleged.” Nobody is sure it happened or how it happened.

We conservatives are way better than portrayed by the evil, lying Left. And we are a lot smarter than they themselves pretend to be. Nobody talks like they say we talk.

Can you see any consevative talking that way or behaving that way? I mean—all, like, it cood hoppen?

Wow! I can NOT wait for the Guilty to be caught out in this “attack!”

Shall I say it? I never say it. But this one time I’ll say it.

MAGA! Make America Great Again!” —By My President, And Yours, Donald J. Trump.