I hadn’t looked at a cable news show or video in about 13 years. But a trusted person sent me a clip so I looked at it.

What LEAPED out at me was how it had changed.

How Morning Joe has been glamorized—gorgeously styled, coifed, tinted, clothed, and good lighting.

How Gutfield’s presentation swung dependantly from his slick, show-biz Humor, Delivery, and Performance.

Sets had become a pure science fiction of startling colors, graphics, and motion.

But this shocked and grated me. It was going too slowly and what the heads were spouting I already knew from reading. I was unable to watch what TV has become.

I had stopped watching cable news 13 years ago because of the crappola factor, and because it just went too slow. I had gotten sick of looking at coiffures on couches sipping coffee, and huddling together over ambivalent, chuckled nothings. I had seen enough big boobs, dangled ankles, and bulging menswear.

Hard news was no longer a factor. It had become a garish parlor show of personalities, furniture, and fashion. Behind the scenes hundreds of people wrote, produced, and coordinated. Powerful people in charge dictated course and correction. Everything foundered in a sea of marketing—from Pecan Sandies, to underwear.

I expected to see Rod Serling standing in a corner smoking and squinting at the spectacle. (Cue theme.)

Who the hell were all these grinning magicians and assistants confidantly performing for an unseen audience? What sort of room-filling science brought it all right into my face and brain? How magical and strange was all of that? How exotic.

How hypnotic.

You think they let that sort of power just evolve by itself? You think it’s not directed and aimed at making a profit? Or fulfilling some sort of political “destiny”—in order to secure money, profit, influence, and even more power? And more profit?

Walter Winchell – “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America, from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea. Let’s go to press..”– showbiz411.com

KIds: it’s not your grandfather’s Edward R. Murrow, Walter Winchell, Heda Hopper, or Jack Anderson. It’s not about news. It’s about Control. And it’s aimed at you. And your brain. All of it. The whole thing is designed to find you, fix you in place, market you, and indoctrinate you.

Facts don’t seem to even matter anymore. For instance, the “Jussie Smollett attack” is  presented as a foregone conclusion. Smollett is presented as a total victim of “racial and sexual” attacks. Trump and his “redneck” supporters did it. Excuuuse me, but can we maybe wait for all the facts to come in? Not even the police investigation seems relevant here.

“Columbo, TV Detective” – hoaxteadresearch.files.wordpress.com

WHO are the detectives investigating the Smollett matter? What are their names, and reputations? Where are their careers headed? What do the police think and say? How hard is that for the “press” to find out?

SOMEbody has to take responsibilty for the news.

If mass media won’t or can’t take responsibility for their own presentation and pronouncements—make the cops take the burden. Who ARE the police involved? Put them forward. Name them. Make them persoanlly responsible for catching and punishing Jussie Smollett’s stated attackers. What is true news?

With the Internet I found I could get my information fast. True news came from trusted sources who were going to the roots of matters and not dancing all around it in some ritualized sacred extravaganza. I didn’t need or want Chyron graphics, rap music, and scintillating “personalities,” like some horse-faced woman, a too-sad Jake, or some sermonizing leftwing guy named after a dog breed.

Consider a Rachel Maddow. She doesn’t have a background in journalism. She was never schooled or trained in it. What she is—is a “quirky personality,” who “people relate to and like.”

…Rachel Maddow is an MSNBC news anchor who has a net worth of $20 million….Her salary per year is $7 million.

Her net worth wasn’t earned just by being nice – but her pleasant and affable onscreen persona certainly hasn’t hurt her, which makes her an unusual figure in the world of 24-hour news.

Maddow’s career in broadcasting began in radio, when she entered a contest held by WRNX in Massachusetts to find a new on-air host. She won, and was hired as a co-host for their morning drive show. From there, Maddow moved to another station in Massachusetts before leaving to take part in Air America, the left-wing radio network that was on the air between 2004 and 2010….


TV no longer depends on people with connections and broad contacts tunneling from Mafia to Government. Todays “news” people are basically nobodies.

They live from handouts by those who control the real power and real information. They are dependant upon writers who write what such minimalized news reader-stars are permitted to say. They fawn over oily politicians who dribble out or personally choose and direct whatever that politician wants.

“Oily.” Yeah, like Mr. Glistening forehead; like Mr. End-Of-The-Nose Little Glasses.

For instance, let’s say, a Chuck Schumer wants to go on Sunday news and be “interviewed.” This is so he can push some drug-like political theme, maybe even something other than just “Get Trump.”

Chuck Schumer Joins NYC Mayor De Blasio For Press Conference In Brooklyn
Charles Ellis “Chuck” Schumer has held public office since 1998 – media.beam.usnews.com

His people talk to the producers’ people, and they decide what questions will be permitted or not. A writer scripts it up for “guidance,” and everybody gets on  Sunday TV. It’s controlled, directed, and its purposes are two.

1.) make it say “controversial,” newsie things to attract and hold viewers so they can be inculcated and controlled with whatever the politician is selling that day.

2.) make it say “controversial,” newsie things to attract and hold viewers so they can be Marketed and buy things that profit the network that day.

When was the last great political  or dangerous social exposee by dint of hardworking news people risking it all? Whom would you point to if asked to name the hardest, toughest news investigator alive? What radio “personality?” What TV “super sleuth?” WHO in the world of print and paper—if any still exist?

Most of the news is Leftist news. A leftist is never permitted to question leftist dogma. A Leftist may never be permitted to delve deep into “race,” religion, Islam, “immigration,” socialism, communism, or the true source and goals of politics.

Thus, there is no news. Only sales, inculcation, brain-farts, and control. They discovered that talking cereal could actually sell cereal, and from there on it slid downhill. They took your wonderment, your innocence, and your trust and they merchandised it. And you.

“Vintage” Talking-Cereal Box, 1940’s – blog.retroplanet.com

They began exploring How your brain works and to what sort of control it was most susceptible. They chose a magical, mythic approach to TV production. They chose hypnotic personalities with entrancing faces. It became a twilight zone. None of it was real.

None of it is real.

KIds, after watching them for 70 years—I came here to tell you: everything they do in public now has just two aims: profit and control.

And it was them who put the “ME” in media. Because to them it’s not about the news. It’s not about you.

It’s all about Them. It’s about their own self, career, power—and always and always and always—it’s about the money.


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