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After he assumed control, he initiated measures of societal and government restructuring and changes. He helped obtain paths to citizenship for many. He began reforms and assistance for veterans. He consolidated parts of a rampant bureaucracy and went after members of a complacent, domineering ruling class—the Deep State.

He held nativist views and had a popular connection with his supportive base. That, and the way he began going after the ruling elite caused them to conspire against him. He was disrupting “business as usual.”

He was threatened a long-standing governmental system of graft, bribery, theft, personal aggrandizement, and elite cronyism. They talked and slandered and libeled him, and tried to derail him.

Therefore, on March 15, 44 BC, a group of Roman senators assassinated Julius Caesar. A civil war broke out, warlords arose, Caesar’s forces won, but the ancient Republic was never restored. Wikipedia

Sound like a familiar scenario?

Barring something unforseen, I don’t think Donald Trump can defeat the deepest state—the entire Deep State. They are too powerful, numerous, and dug into the skin of America like the parasites they actually are.

Do you wonder how Hillary and Company, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Schumer, Pelosi, foreign billionaires, other leftist anti-America politicians—their facilitators and enforcers—can remain free? It’s apparently because there are too many involved to go after them. It runs too deep. It’s like an ant hill.

Arrests and prosecutions would bring down the entire USA Government and probably most of the world.

President Donald J. Trump already risks his life and the lives of his entire family every day. Death threats are made daily against him and seemingly his wife, sons, daughters, and his associates. Violent mobs commandeer the streets, beat people up, harass them in public places, invade their homes, and break down their doors.

Lies about Trump are invented, and spewed at random. People claim Trump is responsible for virtually all problems in their leftist universe, and even for attacks and fake “lynchings” against lying TV stars, officials, leaders, school “students,” and fans.

Most of these “allegations” prove in the end to have been lies, but were jumped on and supported anyway. The lies and fake drama then routinely become enshrined as fact—by a rabid left, and their lying media enablers.

As a result, attacks on Donald Trump and all conservatives become worse and more frequent. He’s labeled as “racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, nativist, anti-immigrant,” and so-on. There are rising calls for impeachment. Trump, as well as innocent, non-violent conservatives are falsely labeled and judged.

So why does Trump risk it? Why does Trump do anything at all as President? Why act against these creeps, crumbs, and other? Why isn’t he just off somewhere being the multi-billionaire that he already is? The TV and literary star that he has always been?

It’s because he’s a patriot. It’s because he loves America and Americans enough to risk his life and the lives of his family. It’s because he’s willing to take on a tentacled mass of the Deep State. He’s willing to face all enemies, bear any burden, and go any distance—to the death, if necessary. So it all seems to me.

While some of us do the equivalent of nothing; we send Tweets; write armchair Comments; sign petitions; and maybe we vote.

Because we don’t “protest.” We don’t march. We don’t disobey an elected President. We don’t mob up. We don’t burn down cities. We don’t attack and beat up people in the streets.

But, in the past, Americans in pursuit of Freedom, life, liberty, and personal fulfillment, have burned down entire countries. It happened in the American Revolution, in the Republican Civil War Against Democrats To Free The Slaves, World War II, and other entanglements.

I thank the universe for Donald J. Trump. I thank the universe for American people, for our kind traditions, and our benevolent history. I thank the universe for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Thank you.

Thank you.