I have watched television since 1946. I watched the first Kukla, Fran and Ollie show. I watched the first Howdy Doody show. I watched the first televised news casts. I watched the first reruns of old movies, like The Terror Of Tiny Town.

“Fran” was Fran Allison…who usually was the only human to appear on screen, filling the role of big sister and cheery voice of reason….


Fran Allison was a real woman; she was a role model, and heroine who helped form us. Burr Tillstrom, the puppeteer, was a gay man, beloved by all, and through his caring creations, he helped mold us. Neither of these two people “protested,” marched, screamed, wore funny hats, or burned anything down. Neither did Howdy.

I watched TV being born. I watched it grow and evolve. And then devolve. One of the greatest inventions in history, it was used to sell dancing cigarettes, singing cereal, toothpaste, and Leftist political indoctrination.

I have watched the deconstruction and decline of men—sons, fathers, and brothers. This has gone on progressively since Hollywood and New York discovered women controlled a family’s purse.

She did the shopping and spending. She had the money the scavengers wanted. And the scavengers went after her—her trust, her kindness, and her family budget.

Then things evolved. The world grew techie. The world got “smart.”

All which went before, got translated. It’s now super-snappy. It’s a sci-fi, high-tech bid for brains, money, and allegiance.

For profit and control, Powers that run the world have cynically co-opted Woman’s brain and politics. It’s been done by a kind of magical hypnosis of substitution. By a perversion of Fashion, which is merely a temporary thing.

Fashion has nothing to do with a woman’s innate Style, which is more permanent in nature. Genetic.

But now, sadly, her Style is captive—roped to insignificant Fashion.

What is a woman’s style? I don’t know. Other than it would be in tune with her female nature, which can include her politics, world view, intelligence, and brain.

No matter Who says What; no matter what the latest inculcation is; I say, that hormones, genes, and DNA are still part of every human, including women. All women.

DNA wins in the end. Survival of a species prevails. The child may be nothing at all like the parent. Genes may never change or diverge. Unless edited.

And I guess gene-editing is the next step in a seeming, un-ending race to dissolve and reformat Humanity. Fundamentally transform it into some Leftist, happy-horse-flop, unicorn-fart, politicized image and world.

The current Leftist fascination with variations on womans’ themes leaves me staring in wonder. I marvel how mental twists and turns are glorified as normal. I am fascinated how what passed as normal for 10,000 years is now denigrated and abnormal.

All over the world—in all times and all eras—women have usually been seen as basically the same in nature.

Whether ruling a matriarchal society or submitting to a patriarchy, women have been seen as similar. They have been depicted usually as tough, intelligent, sensitive, strong, nurturing, different from men, divine, and a blessing. They have also been depicted as opposites to every listed trait.

It remains true for me—as a human being—that I can sometimes still know what she is saying in almost any language that I don’t speak. A woman in a Bushman gathering, talking and going on in her own language and expressions, can still seem like an open book. Even before a narrator explains, I can already see she’s talking about some no-account man.

This is because both she and I are human. We share the same protoplasm and life force. The same kind of DNA. We are born already knowing about ourselves and each other. It’s instinct. We are inextricably linked—and, forever.

In most cases we have specific, inborn, ingrained roles assigned. These can supersede to political and social mores, indoctrination, and laws, yes. But—in under a million years—no amount of political or social indoctrination can ever erase roles entirely from our gene pool.

It is with the sadness of perspective from a past Golden Age—a lost Epoch—that I take stock of the current plight of women. Of females. They seem stuck between personal worth, genetics, freedom—and indoctrination, inculcation, and social pressure.

Wherever a person is— wherever they stand, sit, or lay down—that’s (arguably) the center of the universe. Conceptually, maybe not. But philosophically, yes, it is. Always.

Yet, the Essence of a woman’s humanity within Humanity, and her place in her own universe, has now been reduced. It’s just a few Leftist slashes in the meat.

Woman has been “empowered.” This is Newspeak. A better word is suggested: “exploited.”

“Empowered.” It actually means she has been lied to, misled, and co-opted, by Powers who run the world. “Exploited.”

By twists of language, she thinks she has been raised up. Yet, she has really been reduced. Co-opted. Controlled.

I want to tell you—understand this—to me, she is the feminine divine. WOMAN is designed as the portal of actuality. SHE brings life out of nothingness. Out of non-existence comes being. Out of death, life. It is miraculous. It’s a miracle.

SHE is a miracle.

Yet, she has now been “promoted” to something much less.

She is a cog in some Super Bowl football game thing.

She is a digit; a serf; a purchaser and spender. She has no real power of self. She has been tricked.

She has been tricked into believing a fake, scripted, make-believe, half-time-commercial universe.

She is seen as a spender and follower. A disrupter and maker. The powers who drive this world will use any means necessary to perpetuate those notions, whether by political, social, or pharmaceutical means. She must be Controlled. She must be isolated, mastered, and made to believe. And to spend. At any cost.

Half-time commercials. TeeVee. Hollywood.

Californy. Swimmin’ pools. Movie stars.

But she’s dangerous—this Woman. She is a natural danger to the structure and roots of any society. She’s curious. She wants to move on; stroll new beaches; hold hands; explore; share; be empowered; change things.

Maybe it would be better to just entertain her—make her laugh.

Maybe there’s more money and less danger in that?

Pace University marketing professor Larry Chiagouris said it may be bad strategy to advertise female empowerment….

…Chiagouris said he believes brands will eventually move away from social and cultural messages and find other creative ways to stand out.

“I suspect there will be some backlash to these ads and we will see a turn back to the entertainment value of the messages we had in past years,” he said.