DEMOCRATS seem to be the party of Satanic Evil and Death. Whether you believe in a physical Satan, or only the concept of Evil, there seems to be an ongoing battle between Darkness and Light—Good and Evil. It seems dire, pitched, and desperate.

That such a war has eternally existed is attested to by virtually any human system of philosophy or mythology you can name.

In other words, this battle for the souls of Humanity—whether of a divine or archaically human nature— it looks like the real thing.

What has brought Democrats to this point? The “progressives,” socialists, Marxists, communists—the liberals. Why do they have a party that seems to worship death, godlessness, and immorality?

Democrats did not always seem as crazed as they do now. They were never unhinged enough to pursue murdering a person or organism under cover of the lying, twisted verbology called Newspeak.

By ANY measure, the instant a human egg is fertilized and begins dividing—that organism is on a pre-programmed path—to become a human being and get born. That’s what the whole process is about. Calling it a “fetus,” or some other Newspeak, Democrat, Liberal, “progressive” word at 9 months term, is absurd and twisted. It’s immoral, dirty, perverted, and wrong.

Abortion by any name is murder—whether “officially sanctioned,” or not. But it’s the “smart” thing to do, for the aborted mother.

Everything Democrats do or say is called “smart.” Eating healthy is smart. Going to the doctor is smart. Subversion, murder, and burning down neighborhoods is smart. It’s because Democrats are so smart. It’s just smart. They are smart.

Democrats never before openly sought such widespread death, mayhem, treason, and subversion. They never wanted a borderless world of invading, diseased, criminal, illiterate welfare recipients. They never wanted wholesale slaughter of blacks, browns, whites, and whatever might be in between. They never sought so virulently to kill America and Americans.

Once upon a time, in a world of years far away that I personally lived through and  witnessed, Democrats were a political party of loyal opposition and ideas. Not a rabid juggernaut of diversion and perversion trying to destroy a President—obliterate a way of life, and a Country. They espoused  “morality” that linked them to a society that seemed to want stability and well-being.

Whether you believe in a divine Satan or merely the Idea of Malevolence—Democrats seem to crave, pursue, and emboss a foundering mayhem. They seem to seek out lies, misdirection, disinformation, and confusion. They create and interfere—they lust for fertile grounds and cracked open crevasses that will spawn and dump out even more of the same.


For Political Gain.

For votes. Power, self-aggrandizement, profit, influence, and then—even more Power.

Democrats are driven to proselytize, convert, and communistically take over the world—and all its universes of thought and philosophy.

Communistic – adj: (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) characteristic of, or relating to communism – commuˈnistically adv

Most Democrat “leaders” seek to Rule. Everything. Everybody. Everywhere. Forever.

If these goals are not inherently evil, then neither are murder, theft, soul-stealing by drugs, lies in the “news,” fake propaganda, and persecution and obliteration of whatEVER they disagree with, or feel threatened by. Neither would be the destruction of what for over ten thousand years of recorded history has been called normal or good or human.

You see: Democrats farm Humanity.

Like animals.

But—for votes.

They try to make it all and themselves attractive for those who are susceptible. They use and twist every “philosophy” and lie they can think of. They dance fast to make their Path look hip and easy. All ideas and perversions of Humanity are welcome to Worship alongside them.

I bring you a warning:

it’s not for you that they do these things. It’s for themselves.

It’s for their “new way of life.” For a new religion—a religion of death and human sacrifice.

For votes. For RULE.

[The current] deficit of moral centering makes individuals struggling with personal identity easy targets for the siren song of the new Satanism. In exchange for a sense of belonging and purpose, Satanists work to detach those drawn to its melody even further from the moral foundations that for centuries served as the bedrock for a liberated and progressive society.

If you doubt the impact of this evil thinking, look no further than the abortion bill passed recently in New York, and another proposed in Virginia; both of which essentially legalize infanticide. In New York, lawmakers cheered and celebrated its passage…ordering New York City skyscrapers to light pink as a sign of the Big Apple’s progressivism. Meanwhile, Virginia’s Governor echoed the sentiments of his liberal colleagues…suggesting newborn babies be “kept comfortable” (whatever that means) following delivery, while doctors and the mother discuss…that the baby be left to die.

Comments such as this illustrate a culture completely untethered from basic decency and compassion. Yet, this is swiftly becoming the new norm, as seen in the way people rushed not to criticize New York and Virginia lawmakers, but to defend them.

The warped world that considers such extreme abortion “rights” as these to be benign presents the perfect breeding ground in which Satanists can call new sheep to their flock.



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