Who are these SJWs—whom some hear and fear? What gives SJWs a “right” to open-season on any conservative they mark out for destruction? How do they hunt? How are they “potent” assassins? Where does their alleged “power” come from?

I am not alone when I say,  SJWs and their enablers in Government, media, and Hollywood can all just go pound sand between their leftist cheeks.

Or, as my South Philly mother used to say, “Pick up horse-flop and run in traffic.” Well, she didn’t actually call it “horse-flop,” but something  stronger and more colorful. This was back in the day when horses still pulled carts through the streets. And left their “calling cards” in big, steaming piles. Mom knew what she meant.

In my opinion, Social Justice Warriors are a bunch of spineless cyber-hoodlums. They derive any power from alleged “posts” on “social media,” like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and in Comments sections everywhere.

I mean—people! Come ON! What is there to fear? Some lying, “progressive,” communist-inspired, instrument of the Democrat Party?

NONE of these screaming instrumentalities of the openly Marxist Democrat Party have any power at all.

AwareParentling.Com, and JAF IMAGES
AwareParentling. Com, and JAF IMAGES

These lemmings hide behind false names and pretend to be a majority. They pick out and target conservatives who “offend” their Leftist, Marxist, totalitarian views. They aim at people they don’t like. They lie, obfuscate, and omit. They ignore truth and make up stories. SJWs can use ‘bots to make ten of them look like a thousand, as proven by Rush Limbaugh.

But the “real power” of a SJW comes from the Target itself.

It’s about FEAR itself.

If the Target fears them—then, they have power. If the Target does NOT fear them—then, they are Nothing. They are zero. They are what they really are. They are nobodies, screamers, phony ‘bot mobs, and mobbed up, socialist complainers.

The Social Justice Warrior should be ridiculed, laughed off, and told to go pound sand between their collectivist cheeks.

Conservative answers to the SJW—ideas and responses—seem to germinate and bloom synchronously. Spontaneously. The right answers appear by themselves.

In the below article, a conservative writer proposes there are two standards in the Marxist world. Them and us.

Nothing new there. But he proposes, that with the blackface-scandal in Virginia, it’s time for Democrats to suck up the punishment of their own Social Justice Warriors. Who—in my opinion— probably just want somebody more radical and less white.

Further, that when these losers assault a conservative we should just laugh and tell them to go pound sand.

Democrats should fear their own media and mediums. But we conservatives should just tell them, “Pick up horse-flop and run in traffic.”

…I am advocating two different sets of standards, one for Democrats and one for the GOP. That dual-track…is itself a New Rule imposed by the left, and when you see [Hillary Clinton] in an orange jumper doing the pokey time we would all do for classified stuff shenanigans [THEN] we can talk about having one set of rules again.

The fact is that the Democrats have embraced the [Social Justice Warriors] and they should get the full brunt of their fussy outrage…Let them take these wailing nuts and their phony hysterics seriously….

…The next time the SJWs come to us with some ridiculous demand to sacrifice one of our own on their altar of arbitrary outrage, we should tell them to…go pound sand, because it’s not like these freaks can make us do anything we don’t want to.


Here’s a fine example:

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) and lunatic Democrat politicians and celebrities are already in the tank for Jussie Smollett. Let’s take a closer look at this glittering divinity.

Jussie Smollett is the latest racially and sexually molested godling to have been abused by Donald Trump. He states he was hung, called names, smacked around, cut, and had bleach poured on him.

Um…kids, for one thing: bleach will take the color out of your clothes, stink like bleach, and burn you—so be careful around it. everyone will know you’ve been in it—if you are ever really in it.

Also, when racially and sexually assaulted by “rednecks” wearing “hunting socks”—like Jussie was—do hold on to your Subway sandwich, and your phone. Like Jussie did.

But don’t let the police examine the contents of your phone, to verify part of your story. Also, after the assault, wait 40 minutes to call police. Wear your assault-rope “like a necktie” around your neck. And a couple of days later, or so, add in some more details to the original account.

Make it up.

And when Social Justice Warriors maybe bring in some lying, demented, Socialist, Viet Nam era “veteran” to insanely attack you by banging a drum in your face—and the media totally lie and invent events that never happened—just ignore them.

Hey, Media; hey, Social Justice Warriors:







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