Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a Superhero.

AOC, as she reportedly likes to be called, is more like a costumed player at some rampant convention of escaped lunatics.

She’s a fake. A fraud. A make-believe moonbat, who attracts Millennials, hipsters, and other loons.

But she really is a genuine, rock-bibbed, dyed-in-the-babushka Communist.

She—and everybody else—calls it “socialism,” but that’s just a kinder, gentler word for Communism.

America has been under assault by Communists since before WWII. The attacks deepened, widened, and were then facilitated by American politicians, money lenders, and subversives—by deep moles digging holes in our soft organs.

By parasites chewing on the dying body of America The Beautiful.

Khrushchev and Brezhnev, each a leader of the Soviet Union in their times, had it right. They told us—laughed at us—warned us—that when Communism came to America, it would come from within.

They were right.

Today, a majority of underinformed, mislead, and shiftless Americans lean loudly toward Communism. They call for it, want it, and would gladly make themselves slaves to it.

They have little idea—no real idea—of it’s historical lethality and ruinous trail. They don’t seem to connect failures of Communism with stark obliteration of the Soviet Union, Cuba, or Venezuela.

The utterly failed Socialist State of Venezuela was formerly one of the richest, most promising nations on the planet (Earth).

But, now, thanks to socialism Communism—Venezuelans—today—right now—are eating zoo animals, garbage, and dying at a blocked off border crossing meant to keep them in.

And for some, deep psychologically-ill reason, Communism is what AOC and her flock believe in, desperately want, and are promoting.

They call it—in part— a “Green New Deal,” but that’s typical Communist Newspeak—word play. Distortion.

Propaganda. A wild talent that comes to good liars.

The wild, insane look in AOC’s eyes—obvious to any conservative—seems invisible to liberals. Either that, or they may count it as a resume enhancement.

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But what gets me here, is that AOC—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—seems almost hand-made and hand-picked, as The New Face of Communism.

The Marketing Ploy. The rep. The “SupahStah.” The new godling.

She seems to me all about advertising and marketing. Like, “Where’s the beef,” or, “Brusha, brusha, brusha….” AOC is easy to look at, can dance fast, seems like she would smell good and taste swell, and she sticks to the ribs.

AOC gets glowing “news” coverage every day—worshipped by a mentally-diseased MSM. She seems to fit the role perfectly. All she needs in some of her “ads” is the white coat of a doctor.

She could say she was like a doctor and her adorers would go wild with it. She would BECOME “just like a doctor.” She’d be an “expert” on EVERYthing.

Anything to sell Communism. Anything subversive that might work. Anything at all against America, Trump, and remaining true Americans.

Anything at all to sell the Product.

“Communism Forever! Death To America!”

—This, it seems to me, is their calling card. Which they would gladly ram edgewise between your cold, dead lips at the viewing. And that would be, for them, as soon as possible.

On Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) introduced what many news outlets described as “legislation” for the Green New Deal, a wildly ambitious plan to eliminate the American fossil fuel industry within a decade or so.

It’s worth noting that it’s not legislation as people normally understand the term. It’s a resolution titled “Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.” In other words, even if it passed — a considerable if — nothing would really happen….

….Even if you take these goals seriously, as a practical matter it’s a fantasy masquerading as green virtue-signaling.

But it’s a fantasy based on a worldview that should be treated seriously because it’s so dangerous….


Yes, “it’s so dangerous….”


My only question here is: who picked this woman to be the New Face of Communism? WHO runs her campaign? WHO runs her statements?

But, most of all: WHO—or WHAT —runs Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?

Or, shall we use the more marketable, snappier, “AOC,” as we have been trained to call her.

You know: AOC—like “FDR,” or “JFK,” or “LBJ.”

Like Elvis.



SHOWING HOW STUPID, DERANGED, AND UNINFORMED SOME OF THEM ARE, Hollywood drug addicts, perverts, and numbskulls in general rushed to kiss the ring and feet of La Ocasio-Cortez.

Hollywood Gushes over AOC’s Green New Deal: ‘The Mark Of A Great Nation.’

“…It outlines exactly what a Green New Deal means: jobs guarantee, promoting equity & justice and securing clean air & water for future generations,” actress Alyssa Milano said.



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