If you are among those reading “Comments” sections at the ends of articles, then you are probably seeing a sudden leap in “violent” statements from readers. Especially regarding “illegals,” and the “racially-challenged.”

This seems to have happened almost over night—maybe during the past ten days. It may have to do with certain repeated, prominent stories in recent “news.”

Apparently—to readers—“NOTHING” is being done about certain, ongoing matters, such as:


  • The Relentless March of Identity Politics
  • The Wall
  • “Impeachment,” For No Good Reason, Of A Legally Elected President
  • Impending Victories of  Seemingly Unstoppable Democrat Authoritarianism
  • Black on White Racism
  • Black On White Crime
  • The Reign Of A New Communism and “AOC.”
  • Subversive Democrat “Leaders”
  • Police Who Are Shot and Murdered
  • The Virginia Governor’s Duplicity And Protection By Democrats
  • Protection Of Democrats By indoctrinaire “Media”
  • The “Media.”
  • Apparent—Unpunished Lies Of Jussie Smollett
  • Illegals and Crime
  • Illegals
  • Protection And Glorification of Illegals, Racists, militant Islam, and Crimes Against America
  • …and etc., etc., etc…..


This list, and “Comments” made at the ends of articles online, will probably get worse. But I don’t think it will ever break out into “a second Civil War,” as so many arm-chair generals and Jefes seem to call for.

Because Americans are too drugged, entertained, captured by talking heads, kneed, lazy bastards, scared, inculcated, unconsciously PC, and fully terrorized.

Besides, you should  NOT  try to fight helicopter gunships or tanks from your doorway. There are always those who will pull the trigger on citizens. Even if the Powers have to recruit gangs as the new “police force,” or indoctrinate illegals into military “enforcement” units.

Democrat and Media 5th column subversives have seen to EVERYthing for themselves. In their own behalf. They have created or co-opted everything that can or will protect them. They seem stupid—but invulnerable.

With almost limitless funding from overseas zillionaires, these Democrat cartels, political cells, and entourages appear to reign as kings and queens. Vast, well-funded networks seem automatically organized. They spring up and spread across the planet (Earth) overnight.

This happened with the lies-founded Black Lives Matter. At first, it was just a reported street gang burning down a neighborhood and cavorting. But  now it’s everywhere. Global. “Respected.” And funded by over $100,000,000 MILLION DOLLARS.

This is because a Planetary Network was already in place.

It’s been there since before the Russian Communist takeover, in 1917.

It’s how they have actually fought their wars against America and you. By lies and subtrefuge. Never by actual war. It’s what they do.

To paraphrase Stalin, “Communists advance by Action—what they actually do— and not by what they Say.”

They Lie.

It’s how they entrap. It’s how they progressively move “forward.” It’s how they have won in the past. By lying, by co-opting movements—by subverting and taking over entire Countries.

For whatever reason—American Governments, useful fools, and international bankers, like a Rockefeller, a Ford, Edison, (grandfather) Senator Prescott Bush, Gates, Rothschild, and others, have always supported, supplied, and fed communists.

Or they have just funded cloaked, “peace movements, no nukes, brotherhood, racial equality, liberty,” and other innocuously named groups.

But these organized, communist funded cartels and cells have always actually been aimed at destroying any and all oppositiion to the Communists.

They are at the top of Somebody’s List for world domination. “Folks” who call themselves “socialists,” may or may not know it, but they actually play on the communist team. What the communists call, “useful fools.”

In this, they have always been aided by subverted or willing Government agencies and instrumentalities. “Folks” who think they do good works by advancing toward One World, One Religion, “Equality,” and One System, are actually tools of the Left. Tools of the communist drive for world dominion.

If you are a Democrat, “socialist,” communist, or protected “minority” of theirs, you can say and do almost whatever you want, in pursuit of the Cause. You can sign on to the latest violence, the wildest schemes, and you are glorified and protected.

For instance, you can be a blackface-wearing Democrat politician, but somehow immune. You can whomp up a piece of Democrat bull-flop—like AOC’s, “Green Dream or, whatever,” and be praised and worshipped.

But if you wear a red hat, don’t want babies murdered, believe in self-defense, want a Country with borders—with truth, and justice for all—you are a menace and deserve to die.

None of this makes sense, right?

WRONG. It makes perfect sense to the “Progressive,” Marxist, Socialist, Communist. They want America destroyed. It’s that simple.

KYLE: Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!

SARAH: Can you stop it?

KYLE: I don’t know….


—The Terminator (1984)

Can America withstand the neverending deluge of Leftist propaganda directed at destroying it?


It’s everywhere. It’s relentless. It’s global. It’s seemingly unstoppable.

I don’t know….

You older people—if you remember these things, you should explain them to your descendants and fellow Americans. If you can still smell the peanut butter.

But you don’t explain anything. You’ve allowed yourselves to be devalued and subsumed to the “wisdoms” of much weaker generations that followed you.

In this most hostile of worlds: obliterated generations have been captured by TV lies. By a sanctimonious Captain Planet. By a honey-dripping Mr. Rogers. By puppets who “share.” By some imaginary, unicorn-farting, “global village.”


And now the lost generations have devolved to parasitism of dumbed-down Millennials. Hapless dependents, who say they don‘t know how to change a lightbulb or boil an egg.

All —helpless targets for “change.”

It used to be that older people were looked up to. Valued. They knew where grass and game were. They knew when to plant and when to harvest. They knew where trails and forest pathways led.

Now grass is what you smoke to get high. Game is what you play—in video, or on each other.

You uninvolved older people who remember—you have let yourselves be made into nothing. Hey, Old Guy; hey, Old Babe: if you remember and can still talk—tell somebody what Communists did. Tell somebody who communists really are.


Tell everybody. Tell them before it’s too late. Because the end of this story is near. Soon you’ll be watching it on Jeff Bezos’ liberal-as-hell Amazon Streaming.

Or Netflix.

As in, THE EXPANSE. The justness of a “properly run,” United Nations World Government. The glories of lesbian marriage with children. The EVIL of privately held business and white men. The doughty goodness of rough rebelling workers. The suicidal insanity if white Christians. The absolute superiority of ethnic women—bigger, faster, stronger, tougher, and smarter in every way.

Ahhh, progressive communism! Like good coffee, or pure bullshit, I smell it brewing.


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