WITH ALL THE INSANE DEMOCRAT anti-gun and anti-people laws unleashed by Washington State, one might think they had run the Liberal table. But that’s not true.

There’s really only two options for when we die: cremation and burial,” said Katrina Spade, a human composting advocate and CEO of Recompose, the company hoping to become the go-to firm for human composting in Washington if it becomes legal.


Wait a second! Her name is “Spade?”


Hahahahaha! I can dig it: spade digs hole; Liberal America jumps in!

In addition to “processing” the dead for human composting, and maybe eating them, Washington State has somehow found even more Liberal manaical laws.

For instance, Washington State is relentlessly pursuing “common sense” gun laws that its own sheriffs don’t want to enforce. Note word-twisting, Newspeak, control of the language. Something bad for America becomes “common sense.”

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Sheriffs in a dozen Washington counties say they won’t enforce the state’s sweeping new restrictions on semi-automatic rifles…A statewide initiative…was among the most comprehensive of a string of state-level gun-control measures enacted in the U.S….The National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation have filed a lawsuit….


Also, they are releasing convicted felons, and giving felons the right to vote, and inviting felons in for employment. Illegal aliens and felons can get assisted rentals and benefits.

On it’s way to “sensibly reprocessing dead humans,” one propaganda slice at a time, Washington State has also declared and enshrined in law that Washington is now a Sanctuary State.

There has been more insanity and crime out of Washington than maybe even New Yawk. Instead of protecting the average citizen and resident, they seem hell-bent on doing the reverse. They seem hell-bent on protecting felons and illegals.

And yet, now they have come up with possibly one of the most heinous ideas in the Liberal mind:


Washington State is poised to become the first state in the Union to allow “human composting,” or the “accelerated conversion of human remains to soil.”

Senate Bill 5001, titled “Concerning human remains,” would allow for human composting, also known as “recomposition” in Washington, local KIRO-TV reported.

According to the bill, human remains “means the body of a deceased person, includes the body in any stage of decomposition, and includes postreduction human remains.”


Imagine? Your Mom or Dad or other loved one ends up as fertilizer in a dog park because some jackass found a way to do it? Found a way to make money? Found a way to further break down and destroy American traditions, values, and morality?

How long afterward would it take for some entrepreneur like a Bill Gates or a Rothschild to figure out how to process bodies for food. And eat them? Soylent Green come true? Money? Starving, Liberal-dependent, masses of people? Hungry Socialists? “True Equality,” in death?

Liberals think they are benevolent Socialists pushing for Equality and Light. But they aren’t. They are “useful fools,” helping obliterate America so it can be replaced by One Dark Totalitarian Communist World.

Their “global village” would probably be cloaked—and words twisted to call it, “a good thing.” It would likely be folded into blood-soaked skirts of the anti-white UN.

Useful Idiots. Barrack Obama. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Hollywood. “Swimmin’ Pools. Movie Stars.”

Who was first to employ the phrase, “useful fools?” Or “useful idiots?” Or “useful Innocents.?” It is often attributed to Lenin, who may have actually said it. But there is documentation all over the board, from Italian communists to the Liberal New York Times. Here is one well-documented source:

“…useful innocents”, appears in Austrian-American economist Ludwig von Mises‘ 1947 book, Planned Chaos.

Von Mises wrote that the term was used by Communists for liberals, whom von Mises describes as “confused and misguided sympathizers“.[13]

This is how Communists actually view Liberals and others cheerleading what they—the cheerleaders—believe are Liberal causes and movements. “Confused and misguided sympathizers.”

Communism is NOT benevolent. It is not nice. It does not portend “equality” or anything other than DOMINATION.

Communism is a Totalitarian plan for world enslavement. World Communism is highly organized, funded, and supported by Liberals, foreign billionaires, trillionaires, and national governments’ subversives—everywhere.

World Communism is relentless. Implacable. Determined. Unstoppable. It hides behind nice-sounding movements, and benevolent-seeming causes—subversively co-opting them all to its own side.

Communism calls itself Socialism, now. It sounds better and is more marketable. The New Face of Communism—where they infiltrate and control your brain—is movie stars, media, TV, film, celebrities, entertainers, school teachers of the innocent, kneeling athletes, attractive promoters, and benefits-strewing politicians.

Politicians who promise “everything.” Free. Whatever You Need. Neverending. Tailored To Fit Your Identifying Group. Unreasoned Bull-flop.

World Communism employs tactics we were taught back in 1965: “salami tactics.” A slice here, a slice there—very thin slices at a time—and pretty soon you’ve eaten the whole thing.

World Communism is eating America, one slice at a time. And Earth.

World Communism is: “sensible gun control,” equality, illegal “immigrants,” no borders, militant Islam, Trump obliterated, America obliterated, whites and Christians and all true Americans and the American Way—obliterated.

Only one System and one Man stand in the way of World Communism: President Donald Trump and America.

Don’t let Trump, America, and yourself become compost for Communism.

Don’t let America, Trump, or yourself be consumed by ANY totalitarian System that weeps how it is for “world peace.” Or “religious equality.” Or “an end to ‘racism.’” Or a chicken in every pot. Or an end to global warming, or charges for medical care, or an end to world problems—which are all caused by evil white Christian men.

Or by some other nice-sounding System or Plan for dark conquest—aimed at your own, ultimate, enslaved serfdom.


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