Michael Bloomberg is a lot of different things. Yet, he’s only one guy.

But, because he is such a big guy he gets to talk big, talk big a lot, and be bigly against practically everything conservative.

The World Media Propaganda Machine, and Hollywood, TV, movies, entertainers, and other myriad Enforcers all praise and hang on his every other utterance.

I’m not alone in saying, I think Michael wants to be King.

Michael Bloomberg is a Leftist. He believes he’s doing the right thing trying to zero out Humanity’s innate creativity, intelligence, and freedom. Bloomberg wants to create One World with Equality, Servility, and Poverty For All. With him at the helm—with him ruling and calling the shots as he sees fit.

Michael Bloomberg is one of those “useful idiots,” or “innocents,” referred to by Communists a hundred years ago. Meaning, he is an unconscious enabler of Totalitarian Leftism—is Progressivism, is Socialism, is Marxism, is Communism.

So, Bloomberg maybe doesn’t know it, but he’s furthering Communism. Maybe he does know it.

I don’t know.

I don’t know why people carry guns. Guns kill people.

Michael Bloomberg

More than anything in the world, Michael Bloomberg wants to eradicate or confiscate all guns in America. To this end he is reportedly spending billions of his own dollars. Innate reasons are maybe best known to himself.

However, the bottom-desire, and it’s driving force, should already be obvious to some, and soon become more apparent to others:

Along other, but similarly Liberal lines, Bloomberg seems dedicated to destroying American traditions and its heart. Industries that built this Nation. And America Itself.

To hell with countless men and women who died in its vast expanse from sea to sea. Or in overseas wars. To hell with them in a left-hand fingersnap. What does Michael Bloomberg care about all those who went before, to create, make, die, and expand the American dream.

Were they all wrong, Michael? And you’re right?

Who else do you want to eradicate or destroy? What other working class does not fit your Elitist, New Yawk, Utopian, Totalitarian, One World nightmare?

For one small example of your orgueil, your over-vaulting “progressivism,” how do you feel about Virginia coal miners?

“Market forces are sending coal the way of asbestos,” Bloomberg rants. “Putting coal miners back to work is no more possible from a business standpoint than…putting Eastman Kodak employees back to work manufacturing film rolls.”


A partial answer is simplified by the great Dan Greenberg:

…American coal miners aren’t threatened by cartels, but by environmentalists. They’re not oppressed by billionaires who own mines, but by billionaire lefties like Michael Bloomberg who don’t own mines, and don’t want any to exist.

Daniel Greenberg

Among other BIG things Michael Bloomberg thinks about, in his really BIG brain, is so-called, “environmentalism.” Another Leftist, identity, victim “ism.”

Bloomberg is another of millions, who take it at liberal face-value that Humanity is polluting the planet (Earth). And that Earth will die in 12 years? Yes—in Exactly 12 years according to major spokesmouths.

But what’s all this about Michael, guns, and his billions of dollars?

Michael Bloomberg, and those of his ilk—Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Sandy Ocasio-Cortez—can not institute his brand of “socialism,” or communism, without creating a totalitarian world of repression and enslavement.

PixShark.com and JAF IMAGES

Sounds harsh? Too bad: it’s the truth. Communism has never really worked anywhere it was tried. For instance, as in Russia, Cuba, or Venezuela. The only way Bloomberg’s world can even attempt to work is under complete Totalitarian rule and surveillance by the State.

And now—never before on Earth—thanks to superscience of the 21st Century,  instruments to accomplish total State Surveillance finally do exist. Communism can never be made to work as advertised, but State surveillance most certainly can.

For instance, the State can now read your email, read your snail mail, listen to every word you say, and spot your face in a crowd.

They can track you from a lamp-post, a toll booth, or outer space. They can see in the dark, see through walls, and see what you are thinking.

They can fly a missile through your bedroom window or shoot you from a mile and a half away.

There is no way to hide. There is nowhere to go.

Michael Bloomberg has never had to carry a gun because he is surrounded by hard men who already do. Carry guns. Men trained to protect him and to kill Americans if necessary. Phalanxes of killers. Not farmers of lavender, as he advocates in his magazines, but hordes of weaponized men and women. Entire armies of heavily armed troopers.

And you—the Reader and Commenter—you can’t fight gunships and armies from your doorway. But if you are armed, you are still dangerous.

‘When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

‘The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.’

—Thomas Jefferson

Michael Bloomberg can’t have you armed. He can’t allow it. He will not permit it. You are in his Way.

Who the hell is MIchael Bloomberg?

The liberal tool Wikipedia seems to try to cover up that Bloomberg’s father and grandfather both came to America from Russia.

They apparently brought with them the idea of Communism. Also, the apparently stated Jewish doctrinaire that Jews are the chosen conscience of Earth and anointed to set it on a path to world-wide righteousness, equality, and liberalism.

Oh. Get this straight, “folks.” I am a born Jew.

This does NOT stop me from loving Trump and America as I knew it from 70 years ago up until recently. Nor does it stop me from loathing what I call fake Jews who state proudly they hate Trump and America.

For these transgressions I am shunned by all but a few Jews I ever knew, including entire families. Because Judaism has been replaced by Democrat Liberalism.

There’s no place for ad hominem hatred and subversion of either what Trump advocates, or of America. I note that Bloomberg and a lot of this apparent  Liberalism were born and thrive in New York.

Anti-Semitism, or anti-Jewishness, is described as a “new,” major problem in the Democrat Party and also New York.

But it’s not new at all. America even elected anti-Jew representatives to its Congress, where they all hold important positions. This requires tradition. A new tradition.

No amount of anti-Semitism will ever stop Jews from being liberals or voting Democrat. When the proverbial last Jew is being murdered in New York, with tacit approval of the State and Congress, that Jew will still be hoping to vote Democrat.

Oy, that Trump—he’s really such a REAL Nazi!” – JAF IMAGES

I could go on and tell you all about Michael Bloomberg, and quote the Leftist Wikipedia. But I have already told you what you need to know: who he really is. And what he really wants. What he’s after from you.

All the rest about him is Distraction.

Which is how Communists win their wars. Never by what they say— that’s just a distraction.

Communists win wars by what they actually do.

As in: electing an Obama or a Hillary. Or by fronting a Bloomberg as poster child for their bigly, prime directive: disarm America.

Even if he thinks he’s just being a good “socialist” liberal.