By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

A SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT TO—“SUPERHERO,”  JUSSIE SMOLLETT, and the leftist media who took his “word” at face value and ran wild: you thought you were smarter than the Chicago police, but you weren’t.

You thought you were smarter than conservatives but you never fooled us. You thought you were safe with foreign-born Nigerians. But they came back to America—for what? For benefits? To make trouble? I dunno.

The CIA estimated in 2007 that Nigeria was around 50% Muslim. WHO KNEW Trump had a MAGA base in fricking 50% Muslim Nigeria???

Jussie—and your Attack Of The Bleach Rope enablers and supporters—I know you have media “stardom.”

Yet, you have zero credibility where it matters. Some of the cursed media will stick with you and your “story.” That would be the PC thing to do. That would be consistent: falsify; set parties at each other; blood; mayhem; conflict; destroy America.

Even though you got caught by redacting your phone records, some media and supporters will stick by you. Even though the police subpoenaed the real records from the carrier, compared them to your hand-done records, and thereby saw exactly what you had tried to hide. It’s how they got the Nigerians.

It wasn’t brilliant. It was basic. It was good investigation.


Without the magical blare of a hell-bent leftist media you would be nowhere. But you counted on them covering your “plight” like waves of water drowning opposition, pushing roaring lies ahead of them, and blanketing the Earth with mandated silence.

Didn’t work, did it. Some will stick by you anyway.

Where would “superhero” leftists be without slavish leftist media? Where would they weep false tears? Where would they find “social justice?” Where would an apparent facts-moron like Sandi Ocasio-Cortez be without adoring, sycophantic, coverage?

The so-called Democrat, superhero, “triumvirate” of Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar, draw power from “sacred” media popularization. The lies of leftist media that are never permitted to be challenged, both bouy and infuse them. Say something politically incorrect and see what happens to you.

Are you scared yet?

You should be.

Innocent fools who actually BELIEVE the so-called, “MSM” garbage are spun into line behind every “social justice” utterance. Until it is explained to them. They seem to have lost the ability to think and reason. I know they have, because for 75 years, I have watched them weaken, get dumb, and fade to dependency.

They—the true believers—they believe what they are told by their Democrat politicians, and by their leftist media. They do what they are instructed to do. They march, harass, protest, burn, and wear stupid pink hats.

They say what they are inculcated to say, and—make no mistake here, because—I BRING YOU A WARNING:

They will kill you if ordered.

…Imagine an America in which Democrats eavesdropping on Republicans, [and] supporting cop killers, [and] ISIS, Iran and infanticide weren’t met with immediate…media spin, lies, fake [media] explainers and even more fake fact checks.

Then imagine an America with a border wall, voter ID and a real War on Terror.

That’s a “Democratic emergency”. No question about it….

Dan Greenfield, SULTAN KNISH

Leftists in America are facing their own law of diminishing returns. The more they run to the left, the louder and more violently dominant they seem. But is that true? Are they gaining power and audience, or are they losing it?

WHY are they hell-bent on sowing lies, mayhem, discord, disinformation, hatred, murder, waste, drugs, perversion, blood, and communist revolution? How can it be so openly done, after their having masked subversion for a hundred years?

WHAT is in it for them and the Masters who run them and the leftist world?

In 2009, as the economy was tanking, journalism school applications increased sharply. As the economy began to recover, J-School enrollment began to fall. Call it the Vulture Effect. Carrion eaters are attracted to death. When the death rate drops, they have to either learn to kill things or face extinction.

Consider the media’s destructive behavior of the last few years a classic example of CNN carrion eaters trying to trick the predators into fighting each other and making more carrion for them to feast on.

By 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics was projecting a 10% decline in employment for reporters and correspondents. After this winter, the BLS may need to sharply revise its estimates upward. Major media organizations are dumping 10% of their staff as a routine response to business model reverses.

The media does best when things are bad. It’s the same reason why Democrats have their strongest footholds in cities with massive poverty, gun violence and infant mortality. Or why starving children dig through the trash in Communist countries while the red billboards overhead tout Socialism.

Lefties claim that they want to make things better, but they only gain power by making things worse….

…If the media is going to make any money and gain any power, it’s got to go negative. But negativity is a tougher sell when times are good for most people. Except for the brooding vultures of the media….

Dan Greenfield, SULTAN KNISH

Don’t listen to them. Don’t watch them. Don’t give them your money. Don’t let your cat watch Shep, unless “Shep” is a breed of dog.

The leftist message is insidious, perverse, and profuse. It’s everywhere. It has taken on Mythic—Biblical— proportion.

Brie Larson as CAPTAIN MARVEL, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios

Even a make-believe CAPTAIN MARVEL takes on actual form, and knows the magic of replacing reality with mythic fantasy. As she recently marveled at what she sees in a near-Biblical role:

“It was, like, my superpower. This could be my form of activism: doing a film that can play all over the world and be in more places than I can be physically.”

Brie Larson


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