By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Democrat leaders are stupid. They are probably born that way. Mockery and attacks on Trump, on Americans, and the border emergency are almost as left-wing as they can get. The only thing remaining is to maybe kill us and drink our blood.

So-called, kneeling “entertainers,” like maybe an Alec Baldwin, seem not only just dumb but vile and evil.

Alec Baldwin,, and JAF IMAGES

BY WAY OF EXAMPLE, WHAT ARE THE  TWO DUMBEST THINGS on Earth that a liberal like Jessie Smollett could possibly do?

1.) Call the police liars

2.) Blame it all on the two fools he hired

Oh, wait…he’s already done that. Does this demonstrate to you how stoopid some liberals and Marxists actually are? They are not smart. In fact, it even seems to me they are doing everything “wrong.”

Unless one considers they expect to flood America with illegal voters, and run with angry delusional mobs they themselves “disenfranchise.” It seems to me that Democrats expect to “harvest” votes anywhere they can. They plan to just steal the 2020 election.

A key word would be “expect.” They “plan” and “hope” to change and strip America bare, rape her, kill her, and walk free. Like they seem to think Jussie Smollett and loudmouth, anti-Trumper Alec Baldwin have done, or will do.

But I don’t think any of those plans will work out. Smollett and the Democrats will seem to soar because of their Marxist propaganda machine. They will gain ground among illegals, among takers, perverts, burglars, drug addicts, whiners, complainers, freeloaders, gypsies, thieves, tramps, “entertainers,” and other voting blocs who hate America.

But they can never “win.”

They might flash “certified” documents and Pelosified laws in your face, but they can never show ownership of America. They might back it up with private armies of sworn and “legal” killers, but that’s only as “good” as it works.

Guess what, kids? It’s a new world. This isn’t your Obama election. This is no bowl of mashed potatoes. This isn’t some Democrat, piñata fiesta. The so-called genie has escaped and won’t be forced back. America is awake and watching.

America is “holding its breath.”

What might the openly communist Democrats actually do about all this?  That’s in the wind. Nobody can say.

Democrats can say ANYthing they want and claim ANYthing they want, and ultimately win and try to rule. They do control pretty faces, JFK look-alikes, and fast dancers. A dumbed down, entertainment-crazed Public goes for such images and cgi.

Democrats at some point can believe they have reached their wet-dream goal of a totalitarian, communist, surveillance state. There may be no borders, One World, and them smartly in charge.

They can believe anything they want. But what can they actually do?

That remains to be seen. Because America—the real America—will never give in. Never give up. Never quit. Never go away.

America has living, In-alienable rights.

Definition of inalienable: incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred — inalienable rights

America will always be America. Whether just an idea, an actual Country, doctrine, or a way of life. No Democrat, no Marxist, no communist, and certainly no kneeling “entertainer” like a mocking Alec Baldwin can ever totally destroy America.



“Kyle Reese: Listen. Understand. [It’s] out there. It can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with…it doesn’t feel pity of remorse or fear…and it absolutely will not stop. Ever….” (The Terminator. 1984.)


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