Ordinary Americans seem to be out imbibing their entertainment, music, sports, and — let’s say — movies. Enjoying themselves. Living their lives.

While Advocate Magazine is “really frantic,” and figuring out “what to do next,” working behind the scene on how to “correct this message.”

How to fix your brain. How to make your perceptions “right.” How to brainwash your head.

Because they know the “Truth” will set you free. And so you are not allowed to know the exact Truth. The Truth has to be kept from you, while the media and Democrats substitute some false Reality in your mind.

You know—a make-believe world for you to play in? Like in that make-believe movie, The Matrix?

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Because “folks” down at Advocate, appear to be really, fricking, batshit crazy.

Advocate magazine editor Zach Stafford on Thursday suggested  that the Chicago Police Department leaked information to harm Jussie Smollett because the police officers support President Donald Trump.

After admitting on MSNBC that Smollett has done “tremendous damage” because the right-wing is now saying that “victim narratives” are “rampant and not true,” Stafford, the editor-in-chief of the LGBT publication, suggested that police officers conducted their investigation in way that would harm Smollett.

Stafford said LGBT figures who initially supported Smollett, who has been accused of paying two Nigerian-American brothers to attack him, are “sprinting” about what to do next and “really frantic” behind the scenes, wondering, “how do we correct this message?”

Stafford then suggested that the Chicago Police Department leaked information to make Smollett look bad because they support Trump, conveniently ignoring the fact that it was Smollett who called the police in the first place to report what officers are now saying was a staged attack.


Have you figured out that not only do the media lie, just say whatever they feel like saying, but that ALL Democrat Leaders and Politicians also appear to be fricking nuts?

Have you looked at the bug-eyed, frothing, apparent communist lunatics they plan to run for Presidential nomination in 2020? Have you read the crazed, moonbat, impossible, lying, communist manifestos they seem to have all signed on to?

Have you seen their promises? Everything free? Nobody dies? Things that can’t work? Things that have never worked? Lunacy of the New Green Deal? Have you seen their vision of “equality?” Their dream-fart, unicorn paradise, where all are made equally low? Where nobody can be raised up?

These are places where they think they can rule over you. Like feudal lords over their serfs.


They THINK, that for communism to “work” — although it can’t — that they must institute and Enforce certain Dogma. They must disarm you. They must make you dependent on them for food and water. They must make you terrorized. They must make you criminally abused. They must take away your God and His religion.

All this, to make you feel vulnerable. To make you feel a soft target. To make you feel overwhelmed by foreign invaders—and scared totally to death. So that you will accept as needed anything they call “security.”

They must enforce a Totalitarian Surveillance State.

They must Rule over you with the feudal power of life, death, and obliteration. They must keep you suppressed and always in line. For this they will use all your digital devices, your relatives, neighbors, and “friends.” Everything and everyone will be watching and listening.

You will not be able to go in the bathroom and run water to cover your talk, like the Russians did in order “to talk freely,” in the Soviet Union. Because your “smart house” will be on full surveillance.  Of you.

Those who cooperate will eat and reap. Those who don’t, won’t.

[Communist] China’s National Public Credit Information Center on Friday released a report that said it stopped 17.5 million people from buying airplane tickets and 5.5 million from hopping on a train in 2018 because they had low “social credit” scores. Another 290,000 people were stopped from getting a high-paying senior management job and 128 people couldn’t leave the country…Since 2014, China has been testing out a social credit system that takes points away from people for minor offenses….


The new [Chinese Communist] campaign forbids schools from hiring new teachers who hold religious beliefs, while calling for increased supervision of current teaching staff, including “comprehensive inspections of teachers’ preparation for lessons in order to root out any and all religious content.”

China’s ruling Communist Party under President Xi Jinping has made the forced separation of children from religious influence a hallmark of its efforts to enforce…official [Communist] atheism.


To repeat: those who cooperate will eat and reap. Those who don’t, won’t.

You will die.

But it will be your own fault. See? You will have done it to yourself. You shooda co-operated with the State. You shooda done what they told you to do. You were selfishly “taking” away from sacred, “divine” others—from your equals under communism.

Nobody will care if you die.

There won’t be any so-called, “30,000,000 veterans, ready, locked, and loaded” to defend you and take down all evil “with overwhelming numbers.” There will be nobody to rescue you.

Because they will all be old and forgotten, dead, or in prison.

There will NOT be somebody else to do your work; to carry your load; or to take responsiblity for you.


You’re gonna be alone. On your own.

That’s right. You’re going to be by yourself, under a Democrat “Kinky Boots” heel of suppression, repression, and Democrat rule. Democrat “socialism,” at its utmost, Godless, perverted insanity.

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Because Democrat Leaders and Media “folks” will apparently say and do ANYthing to seize Personal Influence, Wealth, and Power over Earth.

Power over you.

Power to bring a Communist, Borderless, One-World—with One Fake Religion, One Degree Of Serfdom, and One Rule.

Them; Above All Law.

Them; Above Everything. Sie – über alles