The Democratic Party Platform
Liberal / Leftist / Progressive / Socialist
Liberals are people who oppose conservatism; that is, they are not bound by traditional values and beliefs and work toward the elimination of many of the moral standards that have been expected by civilized society for centuries.  Calling someone a liberal is usually disparaging, because liberalism is a system of beliefs with which most people disagree.  For that reason, liberal politicians do not refer to themselves as “liberal.”

Liberals are sometimes called “progressive”, but they appear to make progress in a direction that most people don’t want to go.  In other words, liberals are out of step with America.

The Democratic Party platform contains a number of features that most people would find objectionable — in addition to the obvious.  Allow me to bring some of them to light.

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Background, overview and recap articles:

The Real Game Is To Distract You, Fool You, And Bring Communism.  Of course the media lies all the time.  They do it to inculcate stated Democrat goals of implementing world-wide socialism and control by any means necessary.  By any means at all. […] Democrats seem to embrace as holy anything that undermines America, Americans, or the American Way.  They want America gone — in order to replace it with some imagined, socialist fantasy world.

The devil is using the Democratic Party to destroy America.  21 areas reveal Democratic Party positions:
[#1]   Radical redistribution of wealth;
[#2]   Aggressive climate change initiatives;
[#3]   Complete takeover of health care by federal government plus inclusion of all illegal immigrants;
[#4]   Open immigration policy with full acceptance of all children and relatives; no border walls, entrance requirements, E-verify or penalties for those refusing deportation; disregarding the rule of law and full support for “sanctuary cities”; neglecting national security and allowing George Soros funded anarchy to “crash” our immigration system;
[#5]   Government control over corporate profits;
[#6]   Progressive taxes on the upper middle class and above;
[#7]   Legalization of recreational marijuana;
[#8]   Implementation of comprehensive LGBTQ agenda — including indoctrination of children in schools, transgender initiatives, gender reassignment surgery and removal of any “sexual discrimination” in the workplace and schools, disregarding conscience objections;
[#9]   Taxpayer-financed abortion-on-demand until birth with full-funding of Planned Parenthood;
[#10]   Major defense spending cuts with money redistributed to entitlements;
[#11]   Comprehensive gun control;
[#12]   Liberal, not originalist, judges on the Supreme Court and federal courts;
[#13]   Alignment and support for radical feminist agenda and marches;
[#14]   Increased censorship of “hateful” conservative thought on social media;
[#15]   Liberalized voting standards to include fraudulent practices and everyone the party deems as “disenfranchised”;
[#16]   Partnership with Palestinians;
[#17]   Alignment with United Nations and European Union transnationalism initiatives promoting “One World” globalism, rather than nationalism with international cooperation;
[#18]   Euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide;
[#19]   Taxpayer-funded child-care and college tuition;
[#20]   Elimination of the Electoral College; and
[#21]   Re-establishing the Iranian “nuclear deal” alongside increased protection for Islamic “rights” in America and abroad at the expense of Israel’s safety.

What a Socialist Really Wants.  Socialists are passionately concerned with making sure the right people have the power — that is, themselves.  Democracy, on the other hand, is all about distributing power and making sure the worst people don’t get it.  How do we know they are the worst people?  Because they are obsessed with grabbing power and using it to stifle other people, an arrangement they call socialism or communism.

From Russian Bolsheviks to American Socialists.  In December 1991, the world watched in amazement and trepidation as the communist empire spectacularly collapsed.  The jubilation proved to be premature.  Marxism adapted to a new reality and, in one of the most dramatic reversals of history, comfortably relocated to the United States, where it acquired a new life and malignancy within the Democratic Party.  In 2008 this ferment culminated in the election of Barack Obama who by 2016 had successfully transformed the Democratic Party into the de facto Social Democratic Party. […] As the aspirations of the Bolshevik Revolution were being reincarnated in Vermont and exported to New York and California, the country inured to the world of unsustainable populist demands.  The barrier separating utopia and reason is crumbling; growing embrace of free education, free health care, and a guaranteed minimum income by young people is an obvious indication of the rise of the socialist movement.

Socialism Violates the Ten Commandments.  The very first commandment states, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  Right there, socialism violates the very first commandment.  Socialism is essentially atheistic.  After all, Karl Marx did say, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions.  It is the opium of the people.”  In a socialist system, the worship of God is replaced with the worship of government.  The state basically becomes God.  We look to the state to give us our rights, our freedoms, our livelihood, our wages, our jobs, our meals, our education, and our healthcare — that is, if there’s any of it to go around once the government takes over!  There is no appealing to a higher authority because the state is the final authority.  But as Christians, we don’t serve the government, we serve God.  God is our Heavenly Father and our ultimate authority.  Our inalienable rights come from him and the state should conform to His natural law.

Timely news and commentary:

What to Do About the Rebirth of Socialism.  If the death of the socialist idea was the most important political event of the last century, then the rebirth of this ideal must rank high in significance in the current one.  Just as nationalism has reasserted itself on the political right, socialism has grown in force on the left.  In the twenty-first century the two ideologies are estranged and antagonistic twins, paired in Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  The Democratic victory in 2018 has elevated socialism to a height it has not reached in the United States in more than a century.  Only in recent weeks, however, have defenders of democratic capitalism become aware of how great the socialist challenge really is.  Only now are we beginning to formulate a response.

‘Health Care’ for All, Affordability for None.  First, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio “issued a bold guarantee of affordable health care for every resident,” including the “undocumented,” according to excited news reports.  From the Birkenstock Left (Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt.) to the Latte Left, (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-Neverland) et. al. came applause.  Then, most early Democratic presidential candidates began clamoring for “Medicare for All!”  Why stop there?  What about food stamps for all, redeemable not just at Shop-Rite, but Whole Foods, too?

3 Democrat Policies that Must Die for America to Survive.  Medicare for All sounds nice on paper.  Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and several other Democrats have strongly pushed for this type of system.  In essence, this system abolishes Medicare and outlaws private insurance.  Therefore, the government controls everyone’s medical care and decides on the payment schedules, treatment options, and coverage (and limitations thereto).  However, because the government will be paying for all medical care, it will pay doctors and hospitals at reduced rates.  As such, since doctors can’t make up their losses by billing private insurance (which is barred), they will have to see more patients, thereby reducing the quality of care.  This would ultimately hurt everyone.  Elderly patients would be hit particularly hard because their medical conditions are typically more complicated, and doctors would push them to the end of the line, given the amount of time it would take to see them.

Poll: Voter Support for ‘Medicare for All’ Implodes.  Voter support for “Medicare for All” has collapsed by 50 percent over the last month, according to polling from Politico/Morning Consult.  Until this month, the Democrats’ single-payer “Medicare for All” scheme enjoyed majority support in this same poll going back months.  But now that the ugly details of the program are actually being debated and publicized, net approval for the scheme has been cut in half.  “From January to February, net support for single-payer health system fell over 50% to 12 points,” the pollster reports.

Are Liberals Going Mad, or Are They Out of Ideas?  The truth is that Medicare For All and Free College and the Green New Deal are not magnificent new programs that are going to benefit a majority of Americans.  They are used cars that have seen better days.  Most people have health insurance and don’t want another ObamaCare.  Most guys are avoiding college because cost, and don’t think that they should bail out foolish young women that majored in Grievance Studies and Sociology.  Most Americans like their SUVs and minivans, and don’t want to pay more for gasoline.  Oh, and most Americans want to defend the border, and most Americans are against late-term abortions.

4 Ways Democrats Want to Ruin Your Life.  First, they want to take what’s yours and give it away.  Steve Levy writing for Fox News’s blog notes, “U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., a self-described democratic socialist, claims that a 70 percent tax rate on multimillionaires will give us the funds needed to expand Medicare to every resident and supply free college.” […] Jack Torry, in the Dayton Daily News, wrote succinctly, “New York Mayor Bill [d]e Blasio, who has not ruled out running for president, said last month on CNN ‘there’s plenty of money in this country’ for health coverage for everyone, but the money is ‘just in the wrong hands.'”  It’s clear that part of the radical transformation plan of the Democrats, aided by a complicit media, is to give your money to other people.  An FAQ on the Green New Deal championed by Representative Ocasio-Cortez, now deleted, even advocated for giving “economic security even to those ‘unwilling’ to work.”

Dems Border Proposal “Making This Entire Country A Sanctuary” For Illegals….