ARTICLE EXCLUSIVE to ConservativeRightWingNews.Com

By Joshua Broom


What I find intolerable in a faux-tolerant leftist America is the unyielding burden-of-proof which slings insta-racism upon unapologetic conservative thinkers.

Prime example: I’m conservative and have never discriminated against anyone of color — and even label my ancestors’ actions of racial hegemony only vulgar at best.

I’ll be the first and last to state imperial slavery and the ensuing Jim Crowe era are considerable stains to this nation’s canvass. I believe 99% of conservatives feel the same.

Our shared human instincts show us that the ugliest actions between people involve depriving them of personage — and, that’s as true now as it was two-hundred and fifty years ago.

Yet, because we’re openly conservative—and only because of that—these same public and private protestations are not good enough.

It seems the only chance I, and others like me, have for “atonement” for our fathers’ sins is to bow before the altar of liberal thought while publicly castigating all we hold dear.

Further, the PC patrol demands constant race apologetics laden with group shame for what we were born as (white cis) —though mostly all non-normals are lauded for having “been born that way.”

There is no middle ground regarding identity politics, circa 2019.

And if we are so bold as to champion Biblical scripture, or to dissent, we are pelted with labels such as bigot, hater, and racist.

Is this fair?

To those crafting societies’ current guidelines, fairness is only a relative concept. All that seems to matter in their eyes are political and socio-economic power —the kind easily gained by open borders and resultant gratitude votes.

And, unfortunately, the lone barrier to such ends—conservative thought—is increasingly demonized to an absurd degree.

Therein lies this articles’ crux.

While I have remained true to our nation’s history, I’ve nevertheless observed today’s discrimination splashed across computer screens,  on job & school applications, and the evening “news.”

An honest conservative — unapologetic and unafraid — is marginalized, penalized, and victimized.

Today’s cultural zeitgeist states, “You—you guilty conservative racist—own your guilt: just surrender to us all that you are.



My name is Joshua Broom. In addition to moonlighting as a former sports blog editor, my recent work has appeared on various conservative sites. I write about the hard truths which face conservative thinkers in 2019.