Venezuela ex-spy chief reveals Maduro’s ties to Hezbollah, drugs

This is no surprise. The left is aligned with the jihad force all over the world.

WATCH Iranians Attack Islamic Religious Police Attempting to Arrest Women for Not Wearing Hijabs

The Democrats stand with the hijab jihadis led by Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib.

Video: Iran Hacks Into CENTCOM, Crashes MQ-9 Reaper Drone

Obama’s devout savages are begging for an ass-kickin.

WATCH British Police ARREST Christian preaching about Jesus saying it’s “islamophobic”

“Please don’t take my bible away.” Heartbreaking. #ShariaUK #sick

UCLA Students Sign Petition to Put Conservatives in Concentration Camps

All leftwing roads lead to the same hell. Communism, socialism, name your poison – it’s all the same horror.

Watch antisemite Jeremy Corbyn express sympathy for Hamas suicide bombers in resurfaced video

Today, British Jews are facing the possibility that a neo-Nazi could be their next Prime Minister.

Antisemite Corbyn says Islamic State bride Shamima Begum ‘should be allowed back to Britain’ for ‘support she needs’

This is no surprise. Corbyn is pro-jihad.

Islamic State sex slave child pregnant at TEN years old, children raped by 100 jihadis and beaten with cables, 50 sex slaves found beheaded

Jihad-rep Ilhan Omar wants leniency for these devout savages. The new face of the Democrat party.

Minnesota Muslima arrested for voting twice ‘knowingly committed voter fraud’, jihadi-Rep Ilhan Omar called for voters to “VOTE TWICE”

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (Hakim Muhammad) is standing directly next to her in the same picture. It calls into question the election results.

WATCH: Fox News crew flees “Palestinian” grenades at violent Gaza riot

The “Palestinian” rioters can do this while being secure in the knowledge that for the most part, the enemedia will cover for the “Palestinians” and continue to condemn the Israelis.

‘I broke no laws there’: Canadian ISIS fighter wants help to return home

Notice how the enemedia is inundating us with story after story of ISIS jihadis who want to return home, and tries to tug on our heartstrings to compel us to bring them back in.

France: At least 10 incidents of vandalism and desecration of Catholic churches this month alone

Here is still more of the poison fruit of Macron’s reckless, feckless, suicidal policies regarding mass Muslim migration.

Muslim family from UK claim they joined ISIS by accident, beg to come home

Do they really expect anyone to believe this?


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