Joshua Broom, JAF IMAGES

EXCLUSIVE: By Joshua Broom

If you lived in a neighborhood filled with known robbers would you leave your front door open all night? Even with the porch light shining? If you owned a convenience store, would you Lock the doors when you went home?

Some would scoff at anyone who answered yes, you would lock your doors. You could be considered stubbornly obtuse by some—but not all—of your peers.

There are self-evident reasons for the existence and widespread use of pad locks, gates, security alarms, and deadbolts.


We cherish what’s inside our homes. We value the fruits of our hard labor. And profits —not to mention merchandise. Even small children grasp the idea of Security.

What about our Homeland itself?

It’s no secret America’s borders face daily trespass from foreign invaders.  Why wouldn’t a nation gripped by illegal immigration and concomitant crime take every measure to seal its entries against criminal trespass?

Reliable data and first-hand accounts show that these trespassers—1.5 million new ones yearly, and their predecessors who are already here—pose great harm to American infrastructure and public safety.

In addition to the crime of illegally crossing foreign borders, they also commit disproportionate destructive acts while here. These aren’t just instances of petty theft or jaywalking. This includes 13.6 percent of all national arrests and felony convictions.

Neither does this even take into account sheer fiscal strain placed upon our nation.

According to data collected by Fox News, illegal immigrants account for roughly 3.5% of America’s population. However, that 3.5% constitutes 12 percent of all national murder convictions and 16 percent of all human trafficking violations. This does not even include illegal drugs brought in, sold, and accompanying abuses.


Our emergency rooms, hospitals, and fiscal safety-net allowances are stretched beyond limits by illegals among us. Our education systems cater to “students” used as entrance-bait by alleged “parents.” This has created a classroom environment detrimental to natural, English-speaking children.

This is also a main reason why less “diverse” countries than the U.S.—and there are many of them—have higher, school test scores, better-equipped graduates, and more robust economic sectors.

This is all very unsettling to any normal American citizen who values civility, justice, and safety.

Yet, democrats have no issue leaving American citizens exposed to such personal or financial risk. Relaxed in their own gated communities and high-end apartments, progressive democrats brainstorm. They invent policies which create harmful sanctuary cities, catch-and-release reform, and universal amnesty for all who unlawfully enter America.

Liberal media and news outlets broadcast schmaltzy editorials highlighting the plight of “decent, hard-working [illegals] just trying to make a better life,” but these are not the finest people crashing our borders. They violate laws. Further, their pre-packaged “life stories” can cover up child prostitution, drug smuggling, murder, and theft. Schools and hospitals are overwhelmed.

Common-sense Americans understand the immigration disease and want to cure it. Further, our President is doing all he can, against baleful, democrat opposition, to fix the problem.

But the problem remains. Because democrat progressives have no scruples in how they garner votes. Some estimates show nearly 3 million illegals cast votes in a 2016 Presidential ballot.

In such a climate it’s easy to see why liberals bucked funding for President Trump’s border wall while spurring this nation’s longest government shutdown.

The left’s petty politicking has reached a dangerous new low for American security and homogeneity.

How many more murders by illegals will it take? How many more Tessa Trenchant, Sarah Root, Drew Rosenberg, or Officer Singh tragedies will it take for a steel protective barrier to be placed along our prone border?

Shouting over the left’s indignant faux-moral outrage, it’s well documented that open borders fracture nations. How much further must America decline until the lunacy ends?

What do democrats want? Do democrats even know what they want?

Or are democrats ruled by some apparently insane, religionist, anti-Trump, anti-America dogma that will drag us all off the cliff—to National death and destruction?