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NONE of the “progressive” or Democrat ideas are realistic or make sense. Unless you are in the Democrat Leadership, or some other part of the ongoing American Leftist Coup. And then—the only goals In your closet are of Power, Lunacy, Death, and Nightmare, as frenziedly inspired by:

  1. Get Trump At Any Cost.
  2. Get Votes At Any Cost.
  3. Get Totalitarian Rule At Any Cost.
“Demonic Inspiration” –

It doesn’t matter if you destroy America. It doesn’t matter if you kill Americans. It doesn’t matter if you burn down the US Constitution. It doesn’t matter if you  obliterate Truth, Justice, and the American Way—or, the American Dream itself:

[Muslimas] Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib First to Sign Pledge to Impeach Trump

Global Warming: Los Angeles Has Coldest February in 60 Years

Convicted Liar, Disbarred Lawyer Michael Cohen to Tell House Trump ‘Racist,’ ‘Conman’

Maryland Democrat May Ann Lisanti Sorry for Calling County ‘N***er District’

CNN Guest: President Trump Doesn’t See ‘Black People as Fully Human’

Kamala Harris: We Need ‘Reparations’ to Help Blacks ‘Heal’ from ‘Trauma’

ICE: Woman Who Assaulted MAGA Hat Man Was in U.S. Illegally

107 Democrats to Launch ‘Medicare for All’ Bill; Eliminates Private Health Insurance; No Funding Plan

Analysis: Green New Deal $93 Trillion Price Tag Would Pay for 3.7 Thousand Border Walls

Study: Green New Deal Would Cost $93 Trillion, over Four Times the National Debt

Senate Democrats Fail to Protect Infants Born Alive After Abortions from Infanticide

House Democrats Pass Bill Nullifying Trump National Emergency….

AP Blasts ‘Resentment’ Aimed at ‘Great Gains’ of Trans Athletes

YouTube Kids App Includes Videos Showing Suicide, School Shootings, and Abuse

Democrat Andrew Cuomo Signs Gun Confiscation into Law in NY

Dem Rep. Al Green: Trump Should Be Impeached for His Continuing Bigotry

The only thngs that matter to Democrats are Power, Control, and Rule.

Democrat, “progressive,” Marxist-Stalinist lies go on without measure, without thought, without stopping. Democrats are locked into Party orthodoxy and can no longer distinguish between truth and lies, or between American salvation or obliteration. They know not what they do, say, or demand. They are taken over completely by a raw hunger, lust, and instinct.

Like reptiles. Like spiders. Like mantises. Like jackals in the grass.

Democrats don’t care what happens to America or Americans. The only thing they seem concentrated on is getting Trump and tearing down the American Way.

This is so that—in the end—Democrats can replace Trump and us with their own nightmare. Their own perverse dreams. Drugs, “equality” of the lowest over all others, totalitarian surveillance, violent Enforcement, and Rule by them alone.

Democrats believe they foresee a time soon when America will belong to them, and all people will be their communistic, Democrat slaves.

This came about fast. It happened in part because conservatives don’t protest. We don’t march or burn things down. We don’t wear pink hats, or Che Guevara t-shirts, or promise All Things for Free to Voters.

For eight years—during Obama’s Reign of Terror—we went quietly along. We did not scream, yell, assault “folks,” or try to impeach or resist Obama, for all his lies and abuses.

In the interim, a traitorous, Obama—with his Obamacare lies—brought about “the fundamental transformation of America.” As he stated he would do.


Obama set off “conversations,” about black, gay, socialism, immigration, guns, and the end of Tradition. He tortured the US Constitution to the point where Democrats just scoff and ignore its laws. Obama had—and still has—a Vision of what he thinks America should be like.

It’s reported Obama thinks he’s a Superhero. So does his Democrat Party. Would you rather have something like that? Or a man Like Donald “Maybe Grab A Pussy” Trump? A lawfully elected President who actually gets things done, gets economies booming, jobs rolling, and world affairs set in calm order? WHAT difference does maybe grabbing a pussy make?

I mean—come on!

Obama—the face and inspiration of Democrats— and his scowling wife, and his bitter-looking offspring, are role models to many of his ilk.

Obama and his wife are fawned over by a sycophantic media, built up absurdly, hailed, loved, and perpetuated as saviors.

The “trend” to what I call Obamanized socialism (communism) is now so great in America, and seemingly so broadly supported by so many “useful innocents,” as Lenin may have stated, that it may actually be here.

Communism may finally manifest in the coming 2020 Presidential election.

I am certain Democrats will try to “harvest” that election with as many “votes” as they can “find” in closets, car-trunks, school-rooms, churches, sacred places, abandoned warehouses—and, wherever else. 

They want attractive, comic-book-ready politicians.

Hipsters, photogenic clothes hogs, fast-dancers, fast-talkers, social medianites, and sooth-sayers.


Most Americans are not ready. They don’t comprehend, realize, or understand what has been—and is—happening to them. They want to be left alone. They don’t want to hear admonitions. They want their “news,” their beautiful anchors and sets, Internet, social media, movies, cgi, Oscars, La Raza, celebrities, politicians, liars, FBI, comedy, TV, entertainers, singers, “comedians,” fast-dancers, and athletes.

Millennials and others have been taught what is required of them from birth. They have been inculcated in “school” indoctrination centers. By peers, media, TV, Hollywood, politicians, the Internet, Zuckerberg, Gates, Jack Dorsey, Google, Stalin, and social media.

As a result, most “modern” Americans will docilely accept whatever they are handed.

At any cost.

Where are today’s patriots? Minute Men, tough men, tough women, and self-sacrificing heroes? Other than Donald J. Trump, I’m not sure where they are.

Donald is in Viet Nam today. But he resides mostly in Washington, DC, where he holds office as duly elected, lawful President Of The United States Of America.


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