Wow! Congress believes testifier Michael Cohen, and not Trump!

Who knew?


Representatives by Party

D Democrats 235
R Republicans 197


This comes as such a total surprise to moi, that I almost can’t eat my (organic) oatmeal.

And Elijah Cummings says it’s all true! I mean—if you can’t believe Elijah Cummings, then WHO can you believe? Especially with a name like Elijah!

I mean—the man is (somehow) worth an estimated $1.6 MILLION USD. Something we can aspire to and admire.

But, that, the Democrat Congress finds Cohen smelling like lilies, and Trump a stinking liar? That Cohen is a peach, while Trump must be im-peached? This comes as a total surprise! It has to be true.

I mean Trump is the one who talked about grabbing pussies or something. Right?

Why…he should have been lashed out of town tarred and feathered riding a rail. I am told that women do NOT want pussies grabbed. They just do not want it.

Let me signal right here and now: I, for one, shall NEVER grab a pussy. Or even touch one. Or pet it or stroke it. Because that pussy might be on it’s way to play with catnip, hunt small animals, purring in its beddie, watching a “Shepherd” on Fox, or some other cat-activity.


For the life of me, I do NOT see why Trump would grab a pussy. I must be missing something here about cats. I dunno….

But in contrast, Señor Cohen—who has likely never grabbed a pussy—has stated he lied but is not a liar!

He probably even keeps a cat at home. Or knows somebody! I mean—he has never grabbed a pussy, right? And, therefore, he can be believed!

I mean—if you can’t live your life by precepts like Mr Cohen’s statement—he lied but he’s not a liar—then HOW can you possibly even Live? If you can’t set your clock by that light, then how can you expect to tell time? Or pet a pussy?

Congress is FULL of better role models than Trump. I mean—they have Pelosi Herself. I mean—she has an estimated net worth of $120,000,000, and that’s an example for every aspiration.

Then there are other millionaires and potential millionaires, like, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Orhan, Elijah Cummings, Rashida Tlaib, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Matt Gaetz, Robert “Bobby” Menendez, Eleanor Holmes Norton—and just so many other inspirational others.

What’s not to aspire?

Congress is sooo innnteresting. I mean the innnterestng people they must know! The innnteresting places they must go and see!

And personal upkeep for the cameras—oh, my. No wonder they need to make themselves millionaires; otherwise they might be mistaken for gypsies, tramps, or thieves!


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