By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


In my opinion, if I’m still allowed to have one, Democrats such as Ben McAdams (Utah) may look at intransigent Democrats in a “different” light—saying, Republican ideas aren’t always bad….

…but Nancy Pelosi and her Marxist thugs stick to their murderous, liberal guns: and demand that all Democrats, “Just vote’ No,’”

Every time.

“ANTIFA” Violent Leftists Mobbed Up –

PELOSI: “Just vote against them…..”

WASHINGTON—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) is split with her leadership team over how to handle moderate Democrats who are siding with Republicans on procedural votes….

…Mrs. Pelosi is telling members to stand together to oppose last-minute changes introduced by Republicans before votes….

“…Put me in a different category,” Mrs. Pelosi said Thursday. “Let’s make life easy: Just vote against them…..’

…I don’t think we need to draw a line in the sand that if a Republican motion passes, that’s a black eye for the Democrats,” said Rep. Ben McAdams (D., Utah) who voted for the GOP’s gun proposal this week.


So the question becomes, “How Does Eating America Make Americans Closer, Better, Stronger, Safer?”

But you already know the answer: it doesn’t.

And you already know that Democrats have quite totally melted down over Trump’s successes. They have gone mad that Hillary —bitterly— did not win. They have gone insane over Democrat loss of PERMANENT totalitarian power.

Democrats are inextricably allied with their worst enablers, the worst supporters, media-nites, donors, social justice warriors, illegals, leftists, “progressives,” grandstanders, the very worst Democrat politicians, screamers, whiners, the DOJ, the FBI, other complainers, kneelers, singers, fast-dancers, coup d’etat trilaterals, celebrities, Democrat voters, and Democrat “actors.” These have all made the Democrats completely unreasonable and lunatic.

Democrats and their Marxist thug gangs will now say and do ANYthing. They have lost all reasoning and wage war to oppose Trump and Conservatism, at any cost. Democrats and their screaming hordes are not taking prisoners.

Democrats feel their grasp both slipping and solidifying. They feel Marxism grow under their hand, as it slips away.

As never before communism pushes clutching pseudopods through the body of America. While Americans stir slightly, to maybe resist the parasitic disease, and seem to finally show small signs of gathering themselves.

Democrats do NOTHING to cure America of its degenerative, liberal disease. They do NOTHING to put Americans first before foreigners. They do NOTHING to slow or stop Invaders from the south or north. Democrats do NOTHING to Think and Reason out the best path and course for America.

Democrats have merged with ANY dissatisfied, ANY anti-America, or ANY anti-Trump force or group. ANY at all.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way are all dead to Democrats.

They always have been—are are—the Communist Party.

For a hundred years, they have burrowed, parasitically, through America’s most vital organs of State—DOJ, FBI, Congress, the Senate, and Everywhere.

And they LUST for the Presidency—Forever, and Ever. Democrats LUST for a Thousand Year Democrat Regime.

Norman Rockwell, American THANKSGIVING

The Destruction Of America has become the new Democrat platform and base:

ANYBODY against Conservatism and Trump. ANYBODY against America. ANYBODY against Americans, American traditions, American holidays, and American heroes.

American “Minute Man” – 1776 –

Democrats will stop at NOTHING to destroy America, Trump, Conservatism and Conservatives.

And here’s the real secret: they will stop at NOTHING and NOBODY—even their own “usefull innocents,” to bring Communism, Control, and Command. By them.


—Feudalism. A world-wide, serf-like slavery reborn. It’s what’s coming. It’s what’s here. It’s what you already know.

Unless you take a stand.

Unless you stand up.


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