I had been thinking of maybe writing today about the America-hating headlines quoted by Breitbart.Com. What the evil Democrats are doing, and have already done, to mire and demolish the beleaguered Country whose past, Golden Age I still remember.

But that same, overwhelming Democrat rage and insanity seems to have fundamentally transformed today’s issue of Breitbart.com into a kind of, “Psychiatric Center newsletter.”

Ergo, instead, I’m taking a quick look at Pakistan. That’s all Pakistan needs is “a quick look.”

Pakistan is one of those self-evident, self-evil countries.

Pakistan is self-lit up—as a beacon-chain of lies, of subversion, murder, anti-Americanism, and Totalitarian Jihad.

Until Donald Trump came to the duel, Bush and Obama had already given the Paks some $33,000,000,000 BILLION USD.

And they were thereby able to keep killing us.

President Donald Trump signaled an end to this policy of turning a blind eye to Pakistani aggression last January. He tweeted, “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan with little help. No more!”

Weeks later, the U.S. cut $300 million from its military aid to Pakistan and signaled that all $2 billion in annual military assistance was in question.

Caroline Glick, in Breitbart.com

This cutoff of money has severely pissed  the Pakistanis—as well as the embedded Bushies and Obamanites. But to hell with that, and them.

I mean—as in, “Go to hell.”

The Paks have been working against us, while letting us use their ports as access points to Afghanistan. Big deal. It gave them first-hand intel’ about our activities, and we stupidly just tap-danced along with it. We didn’t need them anyway. Not if we had really intended fighting to win.

Eisenhower! Patton! Flying Tigers! Where are you?

Because Afghanistan is another of those skirmishes the US could win if it followed the example of World War II. It might take a whole weekend to finish up.

But, “collateral damage” is something invented by Liberals, and we observe it’s avoidance. Like religion. Like plague. Like Death Itself.

Collateral damage! We must not hurt the sea through which our sworn enemies invulnerably swim. Never hurt “Santa’s Little Helpers.”

Yet, to my view, if a population is not with us in a just battle, and does not self-rout a minority of killers and Jihadists among them—then, they are against us, and are hostiles.

Have enough American men and women died yet? What would it take? How many USA soldiers, SEALS, Airmen and others are required as human sacrifices?

Does the US want to win that war? No. Apparently not.

The so-called “war” in Afghanistan—has vast, opium-poppy, heroin economy, payoffs, and politicized ramifications. It seems to be some kind of liberalized, Mr Rogers, Captain Planet, Muppets, Show and Tell, drug cartel, black-bag, monetized, cluster-fck.

“Thank you,” George Bush! Thank you Barry “Obama” Soetoro!


Wisely, Donald Trump is trying to wind down that particular fiasco.

For the past eighteen years, Pakistan, with its outlet to the sea, has served as the logistical base and supply line for U.S. forces operating in Afghanistan. If Pakistan had not permitted the U.S. to use its territory for this purpose, the U.S. would have been hard pressed to retain a long-term presence in landlocked Afghanistan. Indeed, in the absence of a Pakistani harbor for its supplies, the U.S. might have sufficed with goals far more limited than the Bush administration’s grandiose vision of transforming Afghanistan into a liberal democracy.

Whatever the case, Pakistan’s willingness to permit U.S. forces to ferry their equipment through its territory didn’t make it America’s ally in the war in Afghanistan. Far from it.

More than any other actor, Pakistan has arguably blocked any chance of a sustained U.S. victory in Afghanistan. While Pakistan has served as the U.S.’s logistical base, through its all-powerful Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) agency, Pakistan has also served as the Taliban’s primary sponsor as well as the primary sponsor of the Haqqani network, which is actively engaged in killing U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

—Caroline Glick, in Breitbart.com

As Dr, Caroline Glick kinda might say, the Pakistanis have done more than any national power to block us, hinder us, and kill us. All the while they took our money, spied on us, and reported us.

How easy! Can you imagine astonished laughter that must have rocked mosques and madrassas everywhere?

We fools. We happy fools. We band of fools.

America seems to have a policy of not actually winning wars. Why is that? I extrapolate, it may have to do with secret internationalized agreements—the old boy, “give and take.” A method of goombah, international, politicized continuance.

This means bllsht deals—done not always in our favor. Done in order to maybe keep the status quo and so-called, balance of power. Keep things running, via continuance of custom, dumb agreements, avoidance of larger problems, and laissez faire.

The insanity and cowardice of thinking that you need your enemy, to help you fight your enemy—to fight them—to fight they, themselves:   the ones who are killing you are the same ones you coddle and pay off.

For 18 years, successive administrations were at a loss for how to handle Pakistan. Recognizing that Pakistan was acting treacherously, administrations have sanctioned [Them], but never too harshly, because the U.S. felt it needed the Pakistanis.

The thought, never entirely rational, was, that Pakistan was necessary to enable the U.S. to fight against Pakistani proxies in Afghanistan.

—Caroline Gick, Breitbart.com

You maybe don’t see it the way I do? You maybe think the US should not risk a “wider” conflict? You perhaps think slow attrition and murder of US soldiers and America itself is fine?

You’re not pissed off yet?

[ISI, or Inter-Services Intelligence, is the military intelligence agency of Pakistan, responsible for gathering and analyzing their own “national security” gleanings from around the world….]

Consider: the current director-general of [Muslim] Pakistan’s ISI, Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar, graduated from the U.S. Army’s War Collegeat Carlisle, PA.

Mukhtar’s American training clearly made no impact on his support for America’s enemies.

—Caroline Glick, Breitbart.Com

As Ms Glick maybe kinda might say—maybe the USA should just “walk away from Afghanistan.” Leave. Walk out. Go home.

With the newest, major shooting conflict going on between Pakistan and India, there is nothing to be gained by the USA acting neutral. Pakistan enemy. India friend.

There is no point in allowing Pakistan to continue making a fool of the U.S. in Afghanistan—and killing us.

Just walk away from it? All that killing, Islam, nation-building, drug cartels, and Jihad?

There are negatives to just “walking away from Afghanistan,” and, therefore, Pakistan, yes. But they seem to be way less negative than the price America pays by financing Pakistan and wars Pakistan wages against America Itself.

Caroline Glick is a world-renowned journalist and commentator on the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy, and the author of The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East. She is running for Israel’s Knesset as a member of the Yamin Hahadash (New Right) party in Israel’s parliamentary elections, scheduled for April 9. Read more at www.CarolineGlick.com.”

(I had a high-level professor of political science at Temple University back in the 1960s, named Dr Edward Bernard Glick. He passed away in 2017, at the age of 88. Do the Drs. Glick look alike?)

     Dr. Edward Glick.           Dr Caroline Glick


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