Democrats are going to solve the immigration issue

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America is an interesting place to live because of her 1) work ethic, 2) economic opportunities, 3) top colleges and universities, 4) free and open society, and 5) democracy.

Democrats have five policies that, if enforced, will stop any person from thinking about moving to the U.S.

1. Making millions of Americans addicted to pot that is an obstacle to hard work,

2. Ruining the economy through green deals and more free stuff.

3. Degrading academia with safe zones, affirmative action, and Antifa-like fascist oppression.

4. Cracking freedom of speech and religion through identity politics and political correctness.

5. Voting fraud and social engineering such as bringing enough Muslims to give seats of the Congress to anti-Semite and anti-American members.  Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the results of this policy.  If there were no ban on Muslims coming from the seven designated countries, soon we would have Muslim ghettos similar to Europe.  Democrats are going to cancel this policy if they can get back White House in 2020.

Immigrants used to love America.  The socialism and Islamism of the left have been targeting all of these jewels of Western societies.  If Democrats’ policies are executed, in a decade, the U.S. economy will be as horrendous as Venezuela, and its freedom and democracy will be ruined to the level of Iran under mullahs.

When I was doing my graduate program 15 years ago, all the SJWs were supporting Chávez’s economic policies.  They still do.  The day Iran’s foreign minister, Zarif, resigned, a group of Code Pink members was in Tehran to meet him.  Code Pink says it has a “common dream” with the Islamic Republic.

When the U.S. will be reformed (or revolutionized) to the level of Iran and Venezuela, nobody will be interested in this country.  In the last couple of years, three million Venezuelans have escaped their country.  Iran has lost millions of people to immigration in the last decade.  She is at the top of the countries who are suffering from a brain drain in the world.  In this situation, the new dystopian drama to warn the population will not be The Handmaid’s Tale, which is about religious totalitarianism, but a doomsday scenario regarding an Islamist and socialist totalitarian society without enough food and prescription drugs and enough violence on the streets.

The coalition of American Islamists and socialists wants to distribute wealth to the point that every American will be poor and to intimidate people (by name-calling) to the point where they stop thinking.  Political correctness is about making everybody shut up and repeat what Silicon Valley sharia police want them to say.  Then we will be a “fair and just” nation, and our citizens will emigrate — maybe to Australia or Antarctica — in millions.

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