…while conservatives continued to concentrate on the shared values that bring us together, liberals [Democrats] continued their [mass] fall down their anti-Semitic rabbit hole.

Democrat darling Ilhan Omar, a repeat offender anti-Semite, declared that it is disloyal for American Jews to support Israel. (The proposition is that non-Jews can support Israel, that is okay, but for Jews to support Israel is treasonous.)

This nugget of [Omar’s] brilliance came from a woman whose best friend in Congress, Rashida Tlaib, draped herself in a Palestinian flag when she won an American election and who replaced the country of Israel with Palestine on her map as the first course of business in US Congress. Omar has never called Tlaib disloyal to America.


In my opinion—being a born, bar-mitzfah’d Jew myself—if the Democrat National Socialist Party could get votes out of killing Jews, they would. They would do that. In a flash. As fast as it takes to place a vote. They would kill Jews. In the street, in their homes, in camps, in their cars, in schools, in marches with Jews wearing silly pink hats, and even Jews carrying anti-Trump signs. They would kill Jews anywhere they found them.

Of course, they would be subtle and cleanly about it, to try to perpetuate their Big Lie. The big lie that Democrats are…whatever they say they are at any given moment.

In my opinion.

Because I have seen all this before. None of this is new. It’s not new to itself. It’s not new to me. Democrats will do ANYthing for votes. They prove it every day in headlines, stories, and actions.

Self-starter communists like Bernie, Sandi, Rashida, Ilhan, and others seem self-patterned after prior models. Like Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Engels, Mao, Khrushchev, Guevara, Castro, the North Koreans, the Venezuelans, and others. All were communist, Totalitarian killers.

Communism itself always fails, wherever it’s tried. Even if it fails “eventually,” it never survives it’s format. Communism is impossible to implement and control without a Totalitarian surveillance state. This means a state that is not benevolent. It means feudal-style fiefdoms and rule.

And, for the first time in history, the type of super-science needed finally exists. It can see you through walls. It can track your face in a crowd. It can hear and read everything you say and write on your phone or computer. And a lot more.

And it matters who controls it all. It matters who is tracking you.

Jews in the less technologically advanced 1920’s and 1930’s Germany, helped create, support, and elect Adolph Hitler himself. They helped develop and establish Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party. What was then referred to as NASDAP—the NAZI Party.

Wikipedia lies its ass off trying to say the NAZIS were a “far right” organization. Wikipedia would have to actually change the name— from “Socialist,” to something else—to maybe the National ‘Conservative’ German Workers Party.

The NAZIS were a socialist juggernaught—designed for conquest of Earth.

Jews today have done the same “helpful” thing—in aiding, abetting, and voting for the new, national, socialist, Democrat Party.

Who will become das Partie’s actual leader is open. That would be a Galvanizing force—a leader devoted to anti-Jew rhetoric and anti-Jew action. Could it be a Rashid? An Ilhan? A Hillary? In my opinion, yes.

It could be anybody leading the Democrats. And hordes of no-nothing Americans and Illegals who already believe in “socialism” would follow, no doubt running and shoving to get there.

But, you see, “socialism” is today really another word for communism. “Socialism,” is more easily marketable to dumbed-down Americans. Socialism Good; Capitalism Badit’s easy, once you get the hang. It’s just so…Social !  🙂

Illegals who invade America are already mostly inculcated with forms of socialism, with totalitarianism, or will obviously vote for “more free stuff” promised by Democrats. This will help assure a Democrat-Communist, total victory. It will banish Republicans and Conservatives, forever.

Republicans and Conservatives could join Jews on “death lists.” Death doesn’t have to come from a gun. It can come from “healthcare,” or “national ‘loyalty’ credits,” or some other smooth system Democrats could develop.

Liberal Jews have strung along with Democrats because they want to “belong.” They inherently side with what they see as a Protective State. The State is what liberal Jews want to be part of. They want to seem “normal.”

Liberal Jews tend to see themselves as God’s Chosen—to correct the wrongs of Earth; to establish what THEY see as goodness, morality, and equality.

Liberal Jews think they are the Conscience of Humanity. They long ago replaced Judaism—religion—with liberalism and socialism. They believed liberlaism and socialism—equality—were “benevolent”answers to world problems.

But communist-socialist fantasies and dreams are not solutions to any reality.

It seems to me that Jews Never Learn.

Just my opinion….


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