The Cult-like Psychology of the “Progressive” Movement

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The Cult-like Psychology of the Progressive Movement Source: (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)




The non-stop push by the [rabid] American left to dismantle existing American time-honored and time-tested institutions is how they will force socialism and central control on the American people. They’ll continue to destroy the bedrock institutions of Western culture, such as religion, schools, family, capitalism, businesses, law and order, the Constitution including the First and Second Amendment, and the rule of law. When those pushing back surrender at the ballot box, the scales will tip, and the left will achieve their ultimate plan to [conquer and] destroy America.

Has anybody noticed the ideology of the Progressive movement has significant similarities to the psychology of cults? Both are premised on brainwashing and lies. They both grow by hoodwinking people to distrust their sensibilities. Plain and simple. I looked at several studies on how cults form—whether centered on religion, politics or terrorism—and how they recruit their members. The parallels are so similar it’s difficult to discern the differences.

One study pointed out that cults are built around extreme, unusual or fringe beliefs. Think:  global warming, abortion and the scientific assignment of gender for instance.

The recruitment process involves a radical extremist group seeking out people who are fed up with the way society is run, and they offer a solution to everything they dislike about society if they join their group.  People seek out communities that validate their beliefs no matter how kooky they might be. These cults offer attractive promises. Think:  free healthcare for everyone, free college, reparations for slavery, a guaranteed income whether or not you work for it, and affirmative action programs that go on in perpetuity. [Think:  free everything for everybody.]

Studies on the psychology of cults point out that the most common types of people who join are those who feel disenfranchised. Notice that disenfranchisement is one of the most common words used in the race politics vocabulary. This victimology theme must constantly be renewed. This is accomplished by continually keeping people in a fit of rage about their unaccomplished life, keeping it front and center.

Hence, Progressives’ constant reminders of racism, discrimination, gender bias, Xenophobia, and homophobia. These wrongs are portrayed as [functioning,] alive and well in society.

A mindset of victimhood has to be eternal, perpetual or it will fade from the cult member’s memory. Thus the creation of Black Lives Matter and the Woman’s March on Washington, Occupy Wall Street and Antifa. Rallies and demonstrations serve as their meeting places. Slogans like ‘tax the rich,’ ‘no blood for oil,’ ‘no justice no peace,’ become a rallying cry—a thing to stay organized around.

These strong emotions make people angry and want to lash out at people outside their group like police officers [and political Conservatives.] A favorite tactic used by cults and Progressives are smears that are unverifiable. Another tactic is to make accusations that are not evaluable like implicit bias.

Studies on cult psychology show that cults offer an opportunity for revenge. A pizza maker in Indiana is labeled a bigot, and his business is destroyed. Cake bakers in Colorado wanting to exercise their religious beliefs are sued in federal court. A hospital run by nuns wanting to exercise something outside the progressive ideology is forced to dispense birth control pills under a government-run healthcare scheme. And an us-versus-them mentality is essential to keep generating the requisite revenge.

Studies show that a destructive cult is an authoritarian regime that uses deceptions and mind-control techniques to make a person dependent and obedient. They use what is described as thought-stopping techniques where people are taught to stop doubts from entering their minds. A culture of compliance is mandatory. Tenets of Progressivism are Truths with a capital T and followers must pledge allegiance of abject servility even if they don’t understand it.

If you are black and don’t call out whitey at every turn, your blackness is questioned. You are labeled an apostate, a traitor to your race.

Also, don’t try to tell me that global warming true believers actually understand it as science. The cult of climate change leaders say that the science is settled and that there is no room for a counter view. All disagreeing voices are labeled climate change deniers worthy of punishment….