As Aristotle said, “Catharsis of the soul comes about through Mythological stories—via observation of solutions provided by gods or men—and thus healing occurs.“

Catharsis is the purification and purgation of emotions—particularly pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration. Wikipedia


Except that today’s gods are no longer colossi of Mythic Reality—The Power Of Myth—telling us by example how to be, and what to do with our short time here on Earth. There is no “catharsis.” There is only “storyline,” acting, and stagnation.

Today the new chosen gods are tiny nobodies. They are “anchors.” They are seemingly sterile, cleanly, beautiful, “dedicated,” and “all-knowing.”

They are “safe” eunuchs and fake priests. They are “trusted” Bishops, Cardinals, Popes, Rabbis,  Mullahs, pastors—and “elite” others. They are godlike.

They are only actors—who read the “news” to mesmerized flocks of cultic, True Believers.

Todays mythic heroes and heroines are liars and snake-oil sellers to an inculcated, brainwashed tribe of cult worshippers. Modern viewers are groups of people controlled by others who have an outsized, religion-like influence over them.

Television’s landscape has become misplaced veneration of overpaid, “quirky,” millionaires like a Rachel Maddow—who is worth an estimated $21,000,000 MILLION USD, with a yearly salary and perks worth an additional, estimated $1,000,000 MILLION USD per year.

Today’s gods live not in the sky, but inside a tube. There is no life-saving carthasis; there is only a destructive cathode ray tube blasting away at Earth’s core of ancient beliefs and trusted traditions.

TV and its minions are destroying Earth, and enslaving Humanity with fake tales, fake people, and fake gods. A fake mythology of permitted definitions, of human existence.

“Nitron Ray Tube Destroys Earth.” – FLASH GORDON, 1936, Universal Pictures

Grand tales of human mythology and morality have been replaced by writers’ personal nightmares, prejudices, and perversions.

This “new way to be” is constantly beamed into skulls of susceptible Americans wanting to believe ANYthing that sounds good, noble, or entertaining.

But America is propagandized, politicized, divided, preoccupied with rabble and nonsense—and vulnerable.

The MSM propaganda beam of Big Lies is unstopping, unstoppable, and—  unbelievably— believed by millions.

What’s this about? It’s nothing new. Done before. Done in Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, Germany, Red China, and elsewhere.

Even before that, it was done. Because nothing changes. Men and women are the same throughout all history, in all times, and all epochs. Everywhere— in Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Tuscany, Judea, Greece, and Rome.

8B018721-74A8-4B7F-8F33-FC2FDB65A965, THEY LIVE (1988), Alive Pictures, Universal Films, JAF IMAGES

At the end of the Roman Empire, when the whole structure was coming apart, a brilliant and devious decision was made at the top. The Empire would proceed according to a completely different plan. Instead of continuing to stretch its resources to the breaking point with military conquests, it would attack the mind. It would establish the Roman Church and write new spiritual law. These laws and an overriding cosmology would be dispensed, in land after land, by official “eunuchs.” Men who, distanced from the usual human appetites, would automatically gain the trust of the people.

These priests would “deliver the news.” They would be the elite anchors, who would translate God’s orders and revelations to the public. By edict, no one would be able to communicate with God, except through these “trusted ones.” Therefore, in a sense, the priest was actually higher on the ladder of power than God Himself.

In fact, it would fall to the new Church to reinterpret all of history, writing it as a series of symbolic clues that revealed and confirmed Church doctrine (story line).

Jon Rappoport,


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