I speak as a born Jew, but a real Jew—one who loves America.

I am not a “fake Jew,” inculcated to erroneously think I am a Democrat.

Nor do I believe I am Chosen by some defunct volcano god to be Moral Conscience of Earth.

To “Mullah Ilhan Omar:” why don’t you take your apparent hate, your “Law,” your way of life, your so-called, “religion,” and your own damned self BACK to wherever you came from?

It’s a question. I mean—if you are so unhappy with the way things are in America and with Jews, why not go where there is no America? And there are no Jews?

Go home?

Congressional Democrats Announce Legislation To  Lower Prescription Drug Prices
USA Congressional Representative Somali-Muslim Ilhan Omar – Jta.Org

Liberal Jews seem INcapable of understanding that Muslims want them gone, or dead. Many Muslim students of their “Holy Koran” may tell you that—according to their Book and Law —dead is best.

Liberal Jews do NOT seem to understand that they will soon be getting murdered just for being Jews.

Oh, wait…that’s already happening….

Various search engines consulted seem bent on covering it up, or deleting known facts and articles. But if one searches, one can still find articles, such as the murder of a 16 year old Jew by a mob of 20 killers, in Queens, NY, USA. The fact that the ethnicity or racial identities of the mob are Not mentioned does NOTHING to keep me from speculating exactly WHO they were or may have been.

Liberal Jews do not seem to understand that search engines and silicone-blood Masters of the Universe are cleansing the Internet and online sources. They are covering up or removing negative information about Mexican, Muslim, and other Invaders. They are prioritizing anything negative about Jews or Conservatives.

In scrolling though US search engines and online databases for “Jews killed,” I MOSTLY find this story (linked below) inserted. It’s from what I would call a Democrat, Liberal, self-serving, self-hating so-called, “RABBI:” Not Even 1 Million Jews Were Killed In Holocaust.

To me, this is part of a lying, Marxist, disinformation campaign designed to help rip the heart out of America and destroy us as a culture—as a people, a Country, and a caring Way of Life.



WASHINGTON, D.C. — Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition (MEWC) director Nahren Anweya on Wednesday warned Americans who visit Minnesota’s 5th district, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district, the 2016 “terrorist recruitment capital of the country.”

“‘You won’t even think you’re in America,’ she said of the district that elected Ilhan Omar..She said she has cousins and family members ‘called whores for showing’ part of the back of the arm in Iraq, ‘a country where one day [before] they were wearing mini skirts.’

“‘It is truly because of people like [Rep.] Ilhan [Omar], when the government is infiltrated, and it starts this way because it happened in Iraq and it happened against us,’ she went on.

“‘Iraq used to be a country where Jews lived freely, where Assyrian Christians lived freely, where even Armenians were there, and even moderate Muslims lived until sharia law took place and everyone was affected.’

“‘Americans truly need to understand that this will affect you one day if you don’t make a change right now,’ she said of sharia, adding she knows the early signs of genocide.

“Anweya asked how the House of Representatives passed 393-0, ‘Resolution 75 recognizing the ongoing genocide of Christians and other religious minorities under ISIS’ in March 2016 but now support representatives like Ilhan Omar. She cited Omar’s request to a judge for ‘a lighter sentence for a terrorist supporter.’

“‘We are here because of God, to give you a warning as Americans,’ said Anweya. ‘We are here to tell you this is coming here, and it is here and it will affect you. It will affect everyone. You will see your daughters get beheaded,’” she went on.

“Anweya said she interviewed hundreds of families of all religions affected in the genocide in Iraq who ‘watched family members get executed right in front of them and that’s when reality hit them and they knew it was too late and that sharia law had taken full control of that country.’”




Liberal Jews do Not seem to understand that the New Marxist Democrat Party—das partie— has left them.

That the New Marxist Democrat Party has thrown in almost 100% with illegal invaders and Muslims. That these are “the new” Americans—or Whatever.

That the New Marxist Democrat Party REGISTERS these “folks” to vote Democrat, or gets them to vote Democrat—at almost any cost. And that conservatism, Republicans, and Jews will soon be only dead reminders of a “racist, white, capitalistic” past. At least—apparently—as say some Democrats, Mexicans, Muslims, and others.

What did Ilhan Omar actually say? What’s the hubub? Even that —what she actually said—now seems widely scrubbed from ALL search engines I consulted. You can still find shadows of what this anti-Jew, Somali-Muslim, Ilhan Omar, actually said about Jews, Americans, and Israel, but you have to look hard.

Maybe you should read her statements carefully— while you still can? Before they are removed? You can see parts of her work in places like this:


For the rest—for the entire story—keep searching. Keep looking. Maybe you can find it—complete with statements, tweets, photos, copies, and the tweets themselves.

Then—tell everybody.


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