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Who is Donald Trump?

No, not, “what school he attended,” or when “he was born,” or about how “his father gave him money.”

Who is this guy, really? Donald J. Trump.

I mean—at his core? Who is he. Why do so many hate his guts? Or want him gone, in prison, or dead? And why the hell would they include his entire family in their politically maniacal nightmare?

To me, the anti-Trumpers are uninformed. Or they are misinformed, or disinformed.

Or they are just born that way. It can be genetic, from part of the gene pool inbred to support kings, queens, political Systems, and cities. Whatever System happens to be in Power at the time—any time. Any Age or Epoch.

These are not natural Ways of Humanity, encoded in DNA.

These political ideas are unnatural to Humanity—they’re more like the politics of insects. Grasping, clutching, consuming ANYthing in the way.

They are artificial. They are temporary. They are merely supportive constructs of Power to protect and perpetuate Itself. Like some parasite. Like some vast amoeboid Entity spreading across the Earth.

The Construct—the artificial entity of the State— via existing technocracy— It takes on its own life.

It won’t die.

THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE (1962) – Sterling Productions, American International Pictures

The System—whatever it may be, in whatever Epoch or Age—it  seems to automatically live, regenerate, promote, and extend itself.

Like some deadly Artificial Intelligence. The Power—the State Itself—manifests its own Life and direction.

It runs the entire Instrumentality from a secret center protected by Enforcers. Also, via the mysticism of political correctness, the people inevitably become the Enforcers. Themselves.

Technocracy is a proposed system of governance in which decision-makers are selected on the [ALLEGED] basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge.

This system explicitly contrasts with the notion that elected representatives should be the primary decision-makers in government

Over the past 10,000 years of cities and kings, those who supported the Power, and the Glory—they were allowed to succeed and breed. Those who did not succeed, were killed off or died.

But, they were all bred— like farm animals.

Lab rats.



…along came Donald Trump, previously a member of each political party at different times in his life when such party affiliation served his interests. The truth was he was never a Democrat or a Republican, at least as they are defined today.

Instead he is a problem solver, beholden to no one and not part of the political establishment. His loyalty is only to America and those who voted for him, not to the donor classes and globalist elites.



Why most don’t UNDERSTAND Trump, is because he’s a businessman. He’s a consumate businessman, but he’s also a consumate politician.

Most people work FOR a business, but they don’t own one. They are justifiably concerned with “schedule” and “getting paid.” But those who actually OWN a business learn other things, or they don’t survive.

Business owners learn that “everything” seems to work against a successful business endeavor. There are Federal taxes, State taxes, Local taxes, withholding taxes, permits, liability insurance, unemployment compensation insurance, workers compensation insurance, lawyers, hearings, fines, corporation taxes, expenses, payroll, payroll taxes, “gifts,” and a lot more.

And there are always “folks” out to “get” you. Bring you down, tear you apart, charge you, soak you, steal from you. Separate you from your money.

Trump learned early how to deal with all of this. How to deal with many and varied types of people. Threats, obligations, and duties.

Trump has dealt with people WAY smarter than any of his stupid politician and Media Propaganda enemies— real predators. As in—gangs, unions, construction companies, business lawyers, the Mafia, cops, robbers, spies, lies, and secret guys. Predatory Women who are smart, clever, educated, profound, and beautiful.


This is part of why Trump’s enemies don’t “understand” him.



Trump’s enemies and stalkers do understand that he wants them just as “gone,” or in prison, or just as dead, as they want for him. The secret is: they are scared to death he will succeed. They are terrified he will beat them. That he will win and eradicate their way of life.

Their “social justice” gulags and limbos, their Leftist religion, their dacas-by-the-sea, their sycophantic Media and celebrities, their wealth, power, and influence. Their Marxist world—One Communist World. With them running it.

They will lose what means most to them.

“I’m melting…I’m melting….” – THE WIZARD OF OZ

In their hearts, I think they know Trump can win.

But nobody—not even a Donald Trump—does this for a thrill or power. Because Nobody risks the lives of their families to hear themselves talk.

Trump is already a billionaire. He doesn’t need the work. He’s not doing this because it’s fun.

Trump is doing this for another reason: he’s a patriot. He wants to save America. He wants to save you and me. He wants to preserve a way of life—Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Trump can win this war.

And the secret is that he will. Win it.

It’s why his enemies hate and fear him. It’s why they want him gone, in prison, or dead.

It’s also why they fear his family.

Because if anything happens to Donald: his family will have enough money, influence, and reason, to make ANYTHING they want, to happen.

And, it could happen to Donald’s enemies.

And, so, for the first time in their lives: the Democrats, liberals, and Marxist Socialist Communists—the so-called, “progressives,” and the Deep State, like Clapper, Brennan, Comer, Mueller, Romney, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Pelosi, and all the rest—they are all….



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