My past articles about Jews have not been widely read.

I guess I’ve written things most Jews haven’t wanted to read or know about. Especially American, liberal Jews.

Until maybe now?

You think It Can’t Happen Here? It ALREADY happened here—New York, Philly, LA, ‘Frisco, Portland, DC—EVERYWHERE.

Hey, Jews! Are you scared yet?

You should be.

My message is plain. It’s similar to what a writer called the Bookworm received from her friend, called “Lulu.”

Lulu wrote:

…I went to YouTube and to Memri.org and I listened to what Muslim people tell each other on their own television shows, news shows, and in their newspapers. Memri translates all this without judgment. They just expose the mentality, values and trends of parts of the world we must know more about. Some of the clips are horrifying…what is obvious is that the cultures and values are hugely, enormously different than our own.

[From LuLu, to the Bookworm.]

I saw television clips of preachers giving lessons on the proper techniques of wife beating. I saw discussions and sermons promoting the murder of apostates and infidels (that is, non-Muslims). I saw the basest of anti-Semitism, including blood libels, promulgated. I watched young Palestinian children on kiddie shows being encouraged to become suicide martyrs and murder Jews. I saw the defense of honor killings, female genital mutilation and support for the denial of rights for women as normative and right.  

We all know how the Internet works. One link leads to another. I then saw articles about the pedophilia in Afghanistan, the kidnapped young boys forced to dance for men and perform sexually for them. I saw articles about young female children, under the age of ten sometimes, married to grown men or middle aged men who raped them.
I read about young wives locked in their homes, so miserable and desperate to end their suffering that they literally set themselves on fire as their only means to escape. Picture after picture reveals the horror.
I read about Christians burned, beaten, and stoned to death, their daughters kidnapped and forced to serve as sex slaves. I read about young couples who dared to fall in love dragged out of prison (jailed for being together) and beaten to death by lynch mobs. I read and saw pictures of gays tossed off buildings and hung in public squares. I read about the horrible mistreatment of animals; beasts of burden, dogs, bear baiting. 
I would look at these source materials and think, how can America’s journalists not be aware of this? How can they be so naïve? But no one really wanted to look at these readily available films, photos and articles. They were uncomfortable, painful and challenged cherished points of view that all cultures were equally good or bad, we all worship the same God, and other Coke commercial clichés….


Hey Jews! What is this article about? It’s how you’ve just been sold by the Democrats—whom you loyally served for a hundred years. Kicked out.

You voted for Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Clinton, Obama, and Hillary. You’ve supported Mueller, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, and other lying Democrats. You’ve even honored their high priests: Behar, Whoopi, Colbert, Jon “Leibowitz” Stewart, and Cher. You’ve worshipped Fatwahs from Bill Maher, Madonna, Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Bobby De Niro, Jussie Smollett, Brie “Captain Marvel” Larson, and all the others.

But now the Democrats have kicked you out. Traded you for more numerous Jew-haters. For Muslims, other Foreigners, and what they call anti-semites.

Because Democrats don’t need you anymore. Because there are way more of these foreign-others, than there are of you.

Because they don’t need or want your votes. Because they can get more votes by throwing in with those who already hate you, because it’s great propaganda.

It has real pull— to bring in new Democrat voters.

It’s a great draw to the Democrat message—whatever that happens to be on a given day.

It’s because—deep down—Democrats have always been Jew haters. It’s because the Democrats have always hated you. It’s because the Democrats have always just used you.

You do NOT  “belong.”

You are foreign devils. You always were. You always will be. Other than Israel—wherever you go, wherever you settle—you do not belong there. You Jews.

You can never “fit in.”

So…stop it.

People like me tried to warn you. “Don’t vote for Bill Clinton,” we said.

“Don’t vote for Obama.”

“Don’t vote for Hillary.”

But you wouldn’t listen. No, you stuck with what you thought were fellow travelers—the liberal Democrats.

You were loyal.

You were a dependable voting bloc. You were prominent in media. You were vocal. You pushed the Party line—Das Partie.

But Look how you ended up. Alone and loathed. Outnumbered.

Useful fools.

You remain a hated group of Jewy, crafty, pesky schemers. Democrats never loved you. Democrats never wanted you. Democrats just USED you.

I could almost laugh. Were I not born a Jew, myself. As I was.

Me? I’m an American first. I was reared that way. It was that way in school, synagogue, church—everywhere.

When I was eight, I touched the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell stood in the foyer of Carpenters’ Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where patriots signed the Declaration of Independence.

We all touched the Liberty Bell, back then. This was before it was locked up behind bulletproof glass, relocated blocks away, and turned into some sort of bullshit symbol for “slavery.”

I never related to you—what I call “fake Jews,” whose professed, worn out “religion” long ago gave way to self-important, snotty Liberalism. You replaced your god Jehovah with Liberalism.

And now—YOU HAVE NO PROTECTORS. You’re no longer part of The State.

Hey, Jews! I told you: my message is simple.

1.) Choose Democrats or choose Trump.

2.) But I think if you choose Democrats you will surely be caused to die by Democrats.

…the term ‘anti-Semite’ was popularized by Wilhelm Marr, the socialist founder of the League of Antisemites.

The inventor of anti-Semitism’s arguments were the same ones put forward by Marx, Fourier, H.G. Wells, Lenin and countless other socialists. The Jews were all about the ‘Benjamins’. They started wars. They were disloyal and manipulated society. They were a dangerous foreign element.

These are the same tropes that were put forward by Rep. Ilhan Omar and defended by her socialist allies in the House Progressive Caucus and across the media. Anti-Semitism is one of the meeting points between socialists and Islamists. The more anti-Semitism she spews, the more Rep. Omar unites the identity politics caucus of minority group racial nationalists and Islamists, with the traditional Left.

Anti-Semitism isn’t just a historical relic and Rep. Omar isn’t an outlier. The Democratic Socialists of America are rotten with anti-Semitism.

[“Sandi” Ocasio-Cortez:]

Before she was defending Omar, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was chatting with Jeremy Corbyn. The British Labour leader has been widely condemned for his anti-Semitic remarks and for backing anti-Semitic allies whose hatred has been even more open than Omar’s.

Daniel Greenfield

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