I have been dumbfounded to watch various videos, on YouTube, people “going down to the” beach, or to the harbor, so they can “watch the tsunami come in.”

I mean—you can see them, as if at some theme park. They seem to have no care, as tidal waves roar in, blow them down on their moronic asses, and wash them away.




You can also see them apparently trying to get as close as possible to other catastrophic events. Like landslides, geysers, rogue waves on the high seas, grizzly bears, other dangerous animals, roaring floods, lahars, water falls, cliffs, tornadoes, or volcanoes.


It’s incomprehensible to me. I can not understand it. They seem to have no fear; they seem at ease; they seem from some other world. Are they drugged or just stupid?

And—always the cellphone cameras. Always the videos. Who the HELL are they gonna shown that to? WHY would they even do that?

But know what gets me the most?

Always—the laughter. They laugh. They think— what….

Is it a wonder why they would believe in “socialism,” or some lying politician? Why would anyone be surprised by ANYthing these “young people” do or say?


Socialism is to America’s youth as the tragic tsunami was to European holiday travelers in Indonesia in December of 2004.  During the initial phase when the ocean’s waters receded many yards from the tropical beaches, trapped sea life and coral reefs could be seen for the first time.  Practically mesmerized by the unusual sight, groups of vacationers were standing and playing on the muddy sand that only moments before was covered by ocean waters.  There were no warning messages from authorities to head to high ground. To those tourists, it was an interesting event and unlike anything they had seen before.  And as each precious second passed and they continued to look toward the horizon, one of nature’s most catastrophic killers raced toward them just beyond their sight.

These people were enjoying their lives on a beautiful sunny day not realizing that in a few short minutes the very ocean that held their attention would soon take their lives


I think everybody knows these “folks” have already been inculcated with Socialism and the collective “village,” practically since birth. Certainly by TV, radio, “music,” movies, video-games, schools, peers, parents, and by Political Correctness itself.

They have been brainwashed. They believe themselves the smartest, hippest, most liberated—and just the bestest there ever was. That’s their fake “legend.” That’s what they have been taught. That’s what they think.

So many of their leftist mindset are “coming up.” Many of them—or their “socialist” mentors—are in control of mass communications, schools, universities, media,  “happening” hip politics, and the political “conversation.” It’s not a wonder they are thoroughly convinced—mesmerized—by lies, fast-dancers, and flashy, show biz-type politicians.

They are ready to accept any drama or lie. They believe whatever their heroes tell them. If it’s on TV, or part of their “social media,” or a celebrity says it, they are on board. They don’t even care who actually said it, what happened with it in the past, or what the end result may have been. If it’s “socialist, it rocks.”



Hey. Very possibly, America may not hold on to its history and character in upcoming elections. Very possibly, Democrats and leftists will steal the election through fraud, illegal votes, or “harvesting” votes wherever they might be “found.”

Oh. Don’t bother sending me email to the contrary—about how you are “locked and loaded,” how hugely you are “prepped,” or how you are “willing to die,” and all that.

Because NOTHING like that is going to happen. There won’t be any “uprising.” There may be a few “incidents,” but, it doesn’t matter HOW many “veterans” there are. It doesn’t matter how many “guns” there are. It doesn’t matter how much “ammo” there is.

We are already IN the so-called, “civil war.” Have been. This is it. You’re looking at it.

Nite Owl in, WATCHMEN (2009), “What happened to the American Dream?” – WB, Paramount, Legendary Pictures, Lawrence Gordon Productions

It came true.

Can we win?

I don’t know. THAT depends on you. 

Or maybe unforeseen events.


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