It’s hard for the average person to comprehend and accept. But the Democrat Left—in what remains of a battered America—has gone completely insane.

I meanthe Democrat Left seems delusional, irrational, reasonless, hostile, and death-oriented. They seem destructive and murderous.

They appear dedicated and sworn by a religious orthodoxy. They seem to worship a blood god of abortion, violence, nooses, lynchings, and wanton obliteration of America.

It seems to me:  all of that which is not Leftist Democrat, must be destroyed. This is the true mark of psychosis—of psychotic behavior. Destruction of whatever is Not the psychotic.

Like a true psychotic, the Left seems pledged to silence, imprison, or kill our elected President Donald J. Trump, and all of us Conservatives. Whatever is not Them.

We do not fit in; we do not comply; we do not march and jump or fast-dance to their alien-sounding, Democrat Leftist tune. We do not match their mad definition of “good.” They believe they must break or destroy us on their Inquisition wheel.

Ben Garrison, WhatFinger.Com

The Left cotes their toxic propaganda pill in an artificially sweetened, Socialist/Communist agenda.

Insane pronouncements by the Left are praised and glorified by a fully committed Marxist, mass-media. A global, propaganda juggernaut.

Celebrities, TV shows, movies, stars, athletes, and entertainers all further the madness. Comedians, politicians, industrialists, banksters, and Leftists everywhere mindlessly confirm and spew a Marxist doctrine.

DEFINITION, PSYCHOSIS: noun, plural psy·cho·ses [-seez] /-siz/. Psychiatry.

“a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, thatindicate impaired contact with reality. Any severe form of mental disorder, as schizophrenia or paranoia.” 

Psychosis is an abnormal condition of the mind that results in difficulties determining what is real and what is not.[4]

Symptoms may include false beliefs (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear (hallucinations).[4]

Other symptoms may include incoherent speech and behavior that is inappropriate for the situation….



…The Left worships humanism, diversity, the environment, and the latest class of [whining] victims. Their only sacrament seems to be the sacrificing of the unborn, slaughtering them even after babies are born alive [human sacrifice]….

…The Left has so much contempt for this country that they do not believe we have the right to defend our borders.

With the help of fellow-travelers in the media, they torture our language. They turn the arguments on their head— convincing some that those who believe in the rule of law, and that citizenship remain a precious thing—[they] are just mean-spirited [who writes this shlt?]….

…Anyone who disagrees must be shamed and demeaned. Even expressing the view that Western Civilization is worth defending is now branded as hate speech….


Gil Gutknecht – TownHall.Com

What does this mean? It means they control all “protest,” all victimization, mass media, conversation, language, “news,” schools, and coloration.

All propaganda.

They say whatever they want.

They twist “Reality” into whatever scenario they want you to see and believe. Everybody with a TV watches them.

Too many—from cats to people—kick back and watch the latest, goodest, most show-bizzy shows they wildly throw up onto glowing screens.

They do it for you. They do it for the Distraction. People watch the attractively packaged and boisterous distraction; not the softly-gloved, secretive, other hand.

We Conservatives don’t protest. We don’t march, proclaim victimhood, make faked attacks on ourselves, harass Democrats in restaurants, hit them with bike locks, knock pink hats off their heads, sucker-punch them at rallies or on the street, kill them, or burn down neighborhoods.

Some Conservatives just sit around. They get angry and complain. They post Comments to articles, or Tweet them, Facebook them, or yell them at the TV or cat.

Negative commentary from Leftist Democrats and their ilk are at an all-time high of craziness. They are active in streets, malls, restaurants, and some driveways.

Right now—barring the unforeseen—they seem THIS close. 


And they smell victory. Like sharks smell blood or guts. Like Slenderman might smell a Kill—if Slenderman were real.

Except—these people are real. And they never quit. They never stop. They never go away. They never surrender. They never lose sight of their One World Unicorn Dream of Communism and “Equality” For All. With them as dictatorial rulers.

What are Conservatives going to tell their friends? Their mates, “partners,” children, or grand children? What did you do?

What will you say?

“I posted Comments. I Tweeted. I Facebooked those sunzabltchez real good.”



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