They called him,  “Godfather Of The Private Eyes.”

This was back in the 1970s. And what he told me all the time was: “We have to deal with them. Because it’s illegal to eat them.”

I was still a puppy private eye, but understood he referred to anybody who wanted us gone, out of business, or dead.

Being a private eye these days seems no big deal to anybody. Now it seems you have to be an ex-Navy SEAL to “impress” anyone, or get them to listen.

Of course, when it comes to maybe “pacifying” or dealing with opponents in certain ways, your average SEAL has a trained and skilled advantage over the old private eye thing.

However, we are talking two separate jungles.

I mean, we are talking different Areas of Operation. Or something.

The combat types I’ve met and know do not always seem facile in moving amongst sharks who swim common waters. Those waters of our so-called, “society,” or “civilization.” They don’t always seem to understand business and industry as dangerous social forces on certain levels. Maybe some do—but not all.

I mean they don’t always seem to understand—those ones whom you can not EAT.

I mean—like, lawyers, politicians, news readers, dramatic anchors, and reporters. You know—those weirdly intoning “news folks” you see in videos talking strangely in alien tones and walking toward the camera as if on some theme park stroll. The ones who seem to have zero knowledge of a shark-eat-shark business world and street.

The ones who fear nothing. Because they are insulated and protected by status. By self-aggrandizement. By “celeberity-ness.” By their magical ability to be elsewhere while simultaneously appearing on a glowing wall-screen, or on some billboard-sized apparatus in a stadium. Like CNN News.

Some seem to feel invulnerable. Above the law. Untouchable. Like in that movie, “Hard To Kill.”


Oh, wait. There is something they do fear. Something to take away their status, wealth, freedom, or celeb-ness. They fear maybe being arrested and jailed. They fear being maybe sued into oblivion. For what they do. For what they say. For their actions.

Yes. They have fear.

That’s why, at every step, they need to called out for any lies or transgressions, and sued for hundreds of millions of USD. They need to face the threat of being financially ruined. Arrested. Jailed.

They need to face losing physical freedom or wealth for their doings. Their deeds. Maybe for perpetrating alleged fraud like some Jussie Smollett.

Like others. For apparent lies and transgressions. Falsifications. Setups, tricks, and lies. For having bad ties. Bad lies. Bad guys.

Sue them. Like CNN. Like the Washington Post. Like all the others.

Sue them into total obliteration. Destroy them. Wipe them out.

Stand up. Kick ass. Take names.

But don’t kill them; and don’t eat them. That’s not legal.