ANTI-JEW hatred has surfaced.

As it always does.

On Earth.

The entire Planet seems on fire with it. Democrats and other totalitarians feel it; live it; and mean it. They are getting ready to come for you again, you Jews.

If you think you can escape because you were, and maybe still are a loyal, good Democrat, you’re wrong. They won’t ask you that. They won’t ask if you voted for Obama. They won’t care if you campaigned for Hillary. They won’t give a damn if you love “Beto,” Kamala, Farrakhan, The AOC, Ilhan Omar, or even Rashida Tlaib.

No. To them, you’re just “another Jew.”

They mean it, kids. They openly say, “Jews must be driven into the sea.” Their placards say it. Their holy book says it. They shout and shriek it.

When they say they want to drive you “into the sea,” they don’t mean, “All Jews must go bathing.”

They mean they want to kill you.

What? You say “the law protects” you?

Kids—they are above the law. They steal what they want. They destroy everything that is not Them. And they are not stupid or dumb. They are “progressive,” Marxist, socialist, communist, Democrat, totalitarian fascists.

They apparently want to exterminate you.




…uninformed American Jews embrace their ancestral ideology — a combined Progressivism, ultra-liberalism, neo-Marxism, and the Jewish “tikkun olam.”  They ardently believe that the main threat to Jews today comes from the neo-Nazis and the KKK.  While it is true that these groups exist, they constitute only a small percentage of the population.

There are leftist Jewish and non-Jewish groups who…choose to lump all Republican conservatives and anyone who disagrees with them into the category of right-wing hate-monger extremists.  They ignore the real threat today that comes from an unholy red-green alliance — the Marxist left and Islam.

Using identity politics, victimhood, social justice, racism, anti-Zionism, and anti-Semitism, the radical left seeks power and control.  The new doctrine of “intersectionality” allows leftists to affiliate with other groups they perceive as “oppressed.”  This is why you see anti-Israel and anti-Semitic signs displayed by just about every radical-left group at demonstrations throughout the country…The vast majority of American Jews who accepted these policies are unable or unwilling to comprehend that their Progressive, liberal, neo-Marxist ideology now seeks to destroy the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

American Jewry is at a crossroads.  The vast majority of American Jews will continue to cling to their familiar ancestral belief system; it’s all they know.  To change now would be to deny everything their family members and they, themselves, have lived for….


It seems Jews never learn. You can beat them, harass them, shut down their shops, take away their freedoms, paint them yellow, load them in cattle cars, and send them off to be immediately killed. But they don’t learn. And they don’t seem to mind it. They make deals and accommodations with those who want to kill them. They are easy to kill.

From outward information, Jews have again been targeted—by leftist Democrats, Muslims, and foreign invaders. For extinction. This is expedient. This is a “political” calculation.

To cull votes, “harvest” elections, and ensure Conserves and Repubes will never again hold elected Office, the Jews must be disparaged. It’s advertising. It’s meant to bring in “progressive,” totalitarian, Democrat VOTES.

Jews don’t seem to care if there are Jew-Haters in the US Government, calling for their demise. Ilhan Omar, the Democrat, Hijab-wearing, Somali, Jew-Hater—she is allowed to make anti-Jew remarks. Nothing happens to her. She gets and retains important assignments, like the one she holds on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The same for Muslim Rashda Tlaib and her anti-Trump, anti-Conserve hate.

Leftist Jews defend Omar and Tlaib. Speaker Pelosi protects them. Democrats support and promote them.

No Democrat will denounce the Black, Hijabbed, Islamic, Muslima: Ilhan Omar. She fits Their new perversion of language: she gives good “intersectionality.”

In “progressive,” Bolshevik, Newspeak, “intersectionality” means somebody represents a number of self-declared “victims,” whose “victimology” intersects.

In Omar’s case, she is a woman, Black, and Muslim. Perfectomundo! They only thing “better” would be if she were also a Latina Lesbian and/or “changed” sex.

Democrats have fallen into the garbage pits of Earth. Gone are JFK, Hubert Humphrey, and the great Daniel Patrick Moynihan. True Democrats. Stand up guys. Not Bolshevik Totalitarians. They—and others like them—they are all dead. They are dead as the Democrat Party.

What is the New Socialist Democrat Partie? Democrats automatically absorb, “love,” and promote ANY group that proclaims it is against America, Trump, and Conservatives. Muslim Hatred of Jews counts for votes. Muslims are a vast potential voting bloc for Democrats. There are well over a billion of them. Democrats can’t seem to bring them fast enough into America and register them to vote Democrat. They have tossed the pathetic Jew aside.

The Jew has low numbers, kids. The Jew’s time is gone. Nobody loves a Jew anymore.

But the Jew does not see this. The Jew remains inexorably attached to Marxist, Jewish, socialist ideas of love, peace, world morality, and Muslim Brotherhood.

Gradually—slowly, and with care for the “optics”—Jews are being carefully made to equate with “Zionism,” oppression and evil. Jews have bags of foreign money, create global plots, and represent Hebrew opposition to all that’s “good.”

There is an officially declared, world-wide, need to exterminate us all. This can be overtly in-your-face, as with Muslims. Or, it can be as subtle as some childrens’ TV show, or a superhero movie.

Hatred, “Boycot,” or blockage of “Jews,” is promoted in some form nearly everywhere—from the UN to the MSM. From “entertainers,” movies, TV propaganda, universities, and “comedians,” to product-advertising.

Slowly…they will infiltrate and subvert every crevice of America in their effort to take us all down—everyone, and all. They will make themselves credible in a universe they create.

“Product Advertising.” Oh—Wait! I think I recognize her! Is that The AOC? “What a Brave New World, and all the people in it!”
Wow! Is it Her again! Ocasio-Cortez? I am a Believer now! Yow! I am buying that “Personal Lubricant” she is advertising, because Jews will need it. BEND OVER, AGAIN—JEW! – JAF IMAGES, and CVS

Make no mistake, you Jews: it seems to me, they are slowly normalizing it all. Everything is as they see it. They are weaving their non-reality into Reality. They are creating their totalitarian universe. They are showing you what they want you to see. They are obviously preparing the battle ground to win.

It seems to me, there are THOSE who mean to obliterate you.