Hey! Africans In America, and other Americans!


A captive, conspiratorily dumbed-down, conformist America believes whatever it is shown as “Truths.”

Identity politics outweigh common sense and what eyes could plainly tell.

Victim groups unaccountably—again and again—vote for those politicians with the worst ideas. Those who hold them down, use them like animals, and even kill them for profit and “donations.”

For money-laundering—by “parental” groups. For paid, extermination squad, kick-backs to political campaigns.

Americans completely believe what they see on TV, in the movies, and social media They completely believe lies spewed by vile, money-sucking CEOs and politicians.

They BELIEVE with holy, religious conviction—they believe in their Maxines, Betos, Bezos’s, Gates’s, Zuckermans, Ilhans, Rashids, Schumers, Pelosis, Alexandrias, Obamas, Comeys, Clappers, Brennans, and the fricking Tooth Faery.

(Can I say that? “Tooth Faery?” Or will social media, Google, Geraldo, Streisand, Reiner, DeNiro, the NYT, Fox News, the LBGTXYZ “community” or whatever, and Twitter get me for it?)

How can I put this? Americans eat whatever they are fed by gods who don’t care.

Americans have been inculcated and conditioned to thankfully receive The Word from new gods. From “anchors,” political hacks, celebrities, stars, kneeling athletes, and others. None of whom know crap about crap. I get sick when I see movie stars injecting facts about quantum physics, biology, and warp drive into “modern documentaries.”


I get even sicker at the sight of “modern folks” in ads and commercials, some with politically conforming beards, knit-caps, scarves, hoodies, and other weird-looking clothes. Some resembling the Left’s NEWEST, and SHINIEST, political stars and wizards

Product Advertising. Oh—Wait! I think I recognize her!


Wow! How just, so, like, all nonconformist and stuff! briansden69.com

What—exactly—has America come to? What happened to America? WHY are they shoving these self-aggrandizing, conformative, numbskull “folks” into our every naked orifice?


Are Millennials our future Government? Or are they only voters? Either way, in my opinion, we are looking pretty well screwed. Especially adding hordes of true believers. Include illegals, foreign invaders, totalitarian socialists, and other “shit-hole country” imports—which are being dragged in as fast as Democrats can get them registered to vote.


Because they already are what they are. And because the rest of  the “folks” here already believe in the lies, and the Coming Democrat One World Miracle.

Unicorns. Dragons. Elves. Faeries. Brownies. Leprechauns. Wizard farts.

Dumbed down, inculcated Americans are trained almost from birth. They believe in Democrat Newspeak. This is a Marxist way of defining words as whatever the Bolsheviks want them to mean. It’s an old Soviet way of co-opting benevolent-sounding words and phrases. A way to cover up what is really meant, with lies that sound good; friendly; compassionate; caring.

You know—kinder and gentler.

The truth is: Democrat Politicians don’t give a flying f*ck about YOU, or any compassion. All they care about is getting elected, getting re-elected, and accruing wealth and personal power. They only care about themselves.

Democrats have proven their psychopathy many times. Whatever is not THEM must be destroyed. From Kavanaugh’s treatment, to TVs Idiot Babes With Opinions. From Rachel, to Chuck. From Evita—Meda—or Sicka (or Whoever the hell she is), to the Morning Guy Hisself.

And all the rest of the liars. Like Schiff, Nadler, O’Rourke, Ryan, and flocks of other, squawking, flapping, worm-eating birds of prey in Government.

Parasites. Bottom-feeders.

That’s how Africans in America can unknowingly allow themselves to be slowly exterminated by leftists, while apparently blaming conservatives for Everything.

…Simply put, this is the story of Planned Parenthood and the systematic extermination of an entire people through the destruction of their own children.  Since 1973, more than 18 million black children of the 60.9 million abortions (31%) have been deliberately killed.  By one estimate, the black population has been reduced by more than 25% since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion….

…[Margaret] Sanger’s efforts at birth control, sterilization, and abortion have always been disproportionately aimed at minorities, especially blacks.  In November 1939, her director of the South for the Birth Control Federation of America wrote a proposal called “Suggestions for Negro Project,” which was designed to bring the “good news” of birth control to poor Southern blacks.  He wrote: “There is a great danger that we will fail because the Negroes think it a plan for extermination.  Hence, let’s appear to let the colored run it.”  Sanger approved the project, responding: “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

In George Grant’s exhaustively researched book Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, the author characterized Sanger’s program this way:  “The project was quite successful.  Its genocidal intentions were carefully camouflaged beneath several layers of condescending social service rhetoric and organizational expertise.”

The Never-Ending Final Solution….


That’s how smart people—canny people—intelligent people—from rap stars to scientists—that’s how “Black” Americans can be fooled by political Jihad. A stated campaign of genocide is transformed by magical words into something “sensibly planned,” having to do with “Parenthood.”

Everybody gets paid. Everybody wins—except for YOU.

It’s “common sense.” It’s “sensible.” It’s “common ground.”

It just makes cents.


Everybody gets “owned.”

Conserves, Libs, white, black, brownish—whatever. All get owned.

You all get owned by a Vision. By a Bolshevik, “Progressive,” Marxist, Democrat Vision of a Somehow, Magically Equal-One World.

A world ruled by Them.


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