You may have had your fill of Mueller Vs Trump Vs the “Main Stream Media,” so I’ll just briefly tell you something different.

There’s a reason so few seem to understand Trump and what the hell it is he’s doing, It’s because so few have been self employed.

And even fewer have been self-employed at a level where they are forced to deal with high-power lawyers, accountants, cops, robbers, spies, and lies.

This self-employed, higher-level business person is beset by those who want to take their money money or enforce the law. Either way nobody ever seems to reach out and help.  Instead they try to take you down by audit, by tax, investigation, “review,” or by dictating exactly what you will do and how you will do it.

In such matters, against such blabbering mouths and powers, it may be more important to protect the Brand and win through in the end, than it might be to only win.

In other words, in business, once you are destroyed there is usually no “coming back.”

Ergo, you might do everything you can to preserve your business from predators, and win that way—but with eyes on surviving to maybe fight another time.

This what I believe Donald Trump is doing, and has done all along. Trump believes he has to preserve and protect his Presidency. For reasons of his serving as President.

Donald J. Trump does not mean—or need—to necessarily fight every battle. Nor does he even need to ward off every hostile idiot or vastly powerful Force.

If Trump fights everybody, he could lose and be gone. But if he picks his fights, and prepares the battlefield to win, then he holds them at bay and shows them he is not to be messed with.

The more skirmishes Trump wins, the stronger his street-creds become. Also— then —the more dangerous he seems to those who are already afraid of him, and the more they will tend to not mess with him.

See? He never loses sight of his goals. He is never distracted by roaring Leftist bullshlt. He moves everything forward in the same direction. He does not scatter his strength.

This is a two-way street. He lets certain Players skate free. In turn, they let him pass when it maintains their purpose..

I therefore tell you: do NOT expect Donald Trump to rush out, and maybe pole-axe Hillary Clinton between the eyes. Hillary will be allowed to go free.

Oh, you may see some of those close to Hillary getting “investigated,” or even “taking the fall,” and it may even SEEM Donald is hot on Hillary’s trail. But nothing will happen to her.

Why is that, exactly?

Because Donald J. Trump sees he must get re-elected in 2020. If he does anything radical before then, he knows he could lose.

Aha! But after, 2020?

“THE WIZARD OF OZ” – Horse of a Different Color – 1938, METR0-GOLDWYN-MAYER – google.com

After the main battle?

AFTER Trump wins a second term as President?


Well—that is a horse of a different color.

See you in 2020.