Rob Reiner—old, bald, bearded, ‘progressive,” and apparent has-been—keeps flapping his “Meathead mouth” in a seeming, recurrent Democrat nightmare.

Rob Reiner as “The Meathead” – meetthematts.com

And all through Reiner’s Distraction of Americans, America, at the southern border, is overwhelmed, under-reported, and mostly services an unholy, Democrat lust for votes by any means.

Rob Reiner as “The Distraction,” – Upload.wikimedia.org – Variety – JAF IMAGES

Reiner appears locked in a Democrat, horror-dream fugue of “Mueller Mueller Mueller,” as he performs ritualized, magical-seeming distractions. Reiner moans, whines, barks, and shrieks his hatred of Donald Trump and America, while politician Vote-Masters deny deny deny, and thrice-more religiously deny, any “crisis” at the southern border. Magically, they make it fade and allllmost disappear….

There’s no problem down there, kids. Mueller will be resolved. Trump will fall.

Trump will be toast in 2020–by any means necessary to Democrats, because they no longer believe in law or truth. Because they are locked inside their own, neverending nightmare. Because they will do ANYthing to win, and have stopped thinking. If they ever did. Think.

America is overwhelmed at the southern border. It gets worse with each daily report from “stupid, know-nothing” agencies named by Democrats—agencies, such as the Border Patrol, DHS, and other Federal experts, all of whom Democrats ignore or contradict.

If incoming, cootie-covered, lung-infected, illiterate haters of America or Trump come arrogantly complaining, or look victimized enough, Democrats will sign them to vote: Democrat.

Democrats love Democrat votes—beyond all reason—even if they hurt or kill Americans and America. Democrats love chaos. Democrats love the overflow, open borders, one world rule, fascism, violence in the streets, infanticide, murder, death, blood, and the entire world coming in for paid freebies, free meals, and book-cooked FHA mortgages.

By the way, this all comes at your expense, the taxpayers, and not the Democrat Party. Each illegal voter—no matter how many times they vote—costs you maybe $60,000 apiece.

Democrats love this. They love the apparent trash-laden, low-surfin’ tsunami of illiterate, diseased, and directionless mommas, poppas, and make-believe, prop-babies—straight from Che Guevara Central Casting.

EL Pope kisses foot of apparent jailhouse-type tattoo.guy.

If such scheduled photo-ops and events aren’t poignant or sad enough, then Democrats or their axis force of paid allies and profiteering religious groups—like Catholic Charities—will maybe manufacture some circumstances that are.

Poignant and sad.

In the meantime, does anybody actually do anything to stop the destruction and Democrat bullshlt?

What’s that you just said?

Over 1M Illegal Aliens Expected to Arrive in U.S. ‘Merkel-Style Disaster’

TIJUANA, MEXICO - DECEMBER 02: A woman climbs atop a fellow member of the migrant caravan while crossing over the U.S.-Mexico border fence on December 2, 2018 from Tijuana, Mexico. Numerous members of the caravan were able to pass from Tijuana to San Diego and were quickly taken into custody …
John Moore/Getty Images

Over one million illegal aliens are expected to be added to the United States’ illegal population — which includes between 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens — this year, alone, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have confirmed. 
Breitbart News analysis revealed that at current projections of Illegal Immigration,Catch and Release levels, and Visa Overstays, the nation is set to admit and resettle about one million to 1.5 million border crossers and illegal aliens this year.