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This Video (below) of the Marine EFFORTLESSLY catching in his massive left hand the tiny little ANTIFA-trained, sucker-punch fist is just my favorite of favorites.

It encapsulates the violence of the pipe-stem-arm, sucker-punch mentality of these little creeps in ANTIFA—vs. a real American Man. A military man 🙂

Watch how this little slime Nothing-Nobody uses obvious “training” to just wait for the Conservative to look away and then launches his wimpy little sucker-punch.

These pussy-grabbing, new, “Brown Shirts,” are snarling, little Chihuahuas who think they are Rottweilers. If they were not “officially”  permitted and financed to engage in their stupid maneuvers they would not exist.

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If the other side ever really lost patience and went for them, these  worms would be reduced to diced tomatoes—but with no can.

I for one am sick of them and their shrieking, yelling, acusatory, grinning, leering, ugly, female, ANTIFA agitators. I was amused (yes) to see one run cross a highway masked and get hit by a truck. She sailed through the air like hurled ham, as in the still photo outtakes (above.)

Back in the 1960s the surest way to get laid was to hook up with a shrieking female Viet Nam protestor. And that seems to hold true with today’s “protestors.” It was never about the draft as a principle, back then: it was about one’s own ass and getting laid. Neither is it today really about Trump or Conservatives.

These little ANTIFA scums do NOT look legitimate to me—they look paid. They look told what to say. They look phony. They look like agents of foreign billionaires seeking to complete what the Nazis began.

Lies. Distraction. Obfuscation. Violence. Armed crime. One Reich. One Rule.

At least, back in the 1960s, some of the protestors were real.




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