Satirical Opinon: Article by Jeffrey A. Friedberg


As many of us already know, there doesn’t seem to be anything worth watching on Netflix, or Amazon-Streaming, or any other, popular video venue. Oh there might be an occasional “documentary” that does NOT star Neil deGrasse Tyson. Yeahhh, but not a lot.

I’ve completely stopped watching “modern” movies. Maybe it’s my age (no it’s not), but they all seem to plainly just stink. I mean—why would anybody want to put somebody else’s made-up nightmares inside their own head, when Reality is all around?

What’s to be gained from watching “monsters,” vampires, drug-addicts, ethnic intimidation and terror, criminals, perverts, lies about conservatives, or even gratuitous sex scenes?

In the past, when I tried to watch Netflix, for one, I had a rule. If a movie opened with a sex scene or somebody brushing their teeth, I turned it off.

This seemed to cut my choices in half.

Then I would search for an hour, or even more, to try and find something watchable. I checked many “5 Star” ratings (awarded by, I guess, Millennials), but they were mostly unwatchable. I found “5 Star” ratings went to movies with the most blood, most running, car chases, most transformers, most shooting, jumping around, and cgi.

“‘Millennials’ Show Taste…Buds’” – TechNeeds.Com

Lots of cgi. The more aimless, dumb cgi, the more a “5 Star” rating.

It seemed to me.

Also, I learned many things about how evil, and stupid, and racist (fill in the blanks) we Conservatives and Trump are. This was mostly shoved into my several orifices by both movies and TV (such as, CAPTAIN AMERICAN ASS-WHOLE, SUPERTWAT GIRL, CAPTAIN SHE IS MARVELOUS, and so-on.)

Oh…Bill Maher–high priest of the Left—sanctified use of special words, like “twat, and cunt,” and other leftist, sacramental words he used on-air to describe conservative women.

By the way (BTW) Kids, I can get that shlt on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, the NYT, etc., etc.. I don’t need to waste an hour and a half watching it in a movie. I don’t need “hipster” input or guidance in “non-conformist social choices.

“Hipsterism Is So Non-Conformity-ness” –

I’ve seen a few competent documentaries about art, music, and the real universe, on Amazon. But soon one runs out of things to watch. All that remains are so-called, “documentaries”  on modern art and artists.

It seemed to me, however, that these works were not actually about art.

And what art there was to see, pretty much stunk. These “docu-scentaries” (just made that up on the spot) seemed more about the “artist.” About their bad upbringing, broken life, bad marriage, homosexuality, abuse, current level of insanity, or physical infirmity, level of drug addiction, criminal record, and more.

In other words, there was no art. And why such dregs of the human race are featured, I don’t precisely know. (Well, I do know: it’s a Leftist effort to drag down you and America—from normality, to their own level of mental disease, sickness, drug addiction, perversion, and political horror.)


…anyways, one piece I watched about “art,” was really dumber than even most. In the parts I bothered to watch, the “artist”—whose name I don’t recall—never actually produced any art. He stole somebody else’s works by breaking into a museum and claiming the stolen works were his own.

And, another time, he convinced the police that all his own works had been stolen. And, another time, he just didn’t make any art and locked his door. He put up a sign “Be Back Soon.”

Hey, yo. This is me from South Philly, and I ain’t going back to Netflix or Amazon, not anytime soon. I refuse to waste my time.

As I stated earlier, maybe it’s my age—but modern art, TV, and movies all seem to stink. Why is this?

I think because it actually does stink.

The older I get, the more transparent and rotten TV and movies seem. Why anybody would want to watch some writer’s drugged nightmare—put that inside their head—I don’t know.

Kids—listen to somebody who knows where the water and wild game are, where the grass grows, the best place to pitch your yurt, tent, or shelter. Listen to me—a guy whom “Native Americans” instinctively hug. A tribal elder, whom your culture seems to want gone, shut up, or dead.

Listen to me: my generation went to space; we invented space ships, the synchronous satellite, we invented the personal computer, the electric guitar, electronic keyboards and drums, the digital calculator, CDs, video tape, digital music, digital video, the iPhone, flatscreen TV, Star Trek, Teflon, Elvis, organ transplants, the skateboard, the 1964 Chevrolet, the Corvette—and a lot more.

1964 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport – 327/300 HP V8 –

You’ve been trained to believe we are “too-old dumbfvcks.” That we’re stupid, not hip, can’t-dance-fast, and senile. None of that’s true. I smell the peanut butter. I smell rain coming. I smell the subversion of America.

The fact is we have to be eradicated, because we remember too much. We know too much. We remember when America was still free. A golden age. How great it truly was. How awful communism was. The 100,000,000 murders of Marxism. We remember Stalin, Guevara, Castro, Khrushchev, Beria, LBJ, Clinton, Mao, Arafat, and a lot more.

And we won’t die, until we die.

Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody – 1946 –

“Hey, kids, what time is it?”


It’s time to not watch that TV and movie crap anymore. It’s bullshlt.

It’s bad for you.

Don’t do it.

Write your own; make your own; create your own—publish; show; invent; imagine; be artistic.

Be human.

Get off the Reservation….