Iranian Muslim Government, 4/9/2019: “DEATH TO AMERICA!” –


How can a Pope and so-called, “Western Civilization” be fooled by a doctrine whose religionist drive appears to be “conquest, subjugation, and the murder or taxation (jizya, جزية ) of all Earth?” I am flabbergasted and amazed.

No I’m not.

Nobody is that stupid. Nobody is “fooled.” Islam is not that “peaceful.” Muslims are not that “sacred” or “divine.”

No. This Pope. These people—these so-called, “western Elite”—they have to—they must already KNOW exactly what they are doing.

They are importing a brand of orthodox “religion” that calls for their own death, elimination of all other religions, and complete domination of Earth.

The Islamic Holy Book proclaims and directs all Muslims. And it measures and orders all other religionists to comply or die.

“Te amo, hombre.”  – “أنت مجنون معتوه القديم.” –

The crosses on graves in an Italian cemetery in Pieve di Cento have been covered with black cloth so as not to offend those who may come from another religion.


…The cemetery, which is located in Bologna in a town of around 7,000 people, has also installed motorised blackout curtains in a local chapel following renovations to hide Roman Catholic symbols during ceremonies involving other denominations, Il Giornale reports….

…Conservative-populist Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni also commented on the case saying, “Using the excuse of respect for others, they lack respect for our Catholic culture and our traditions. Now the Left is beyond fanaticism. This is ideological delirium….”


…Pope Francis continued his immigration crusade this weekend, saying that migrants bring with them the wealth of a multicultural and multi-ethnic world. “Let us thank God for a multi-ethnic and multicultural society,” the pope told students and faculty of the San Carlo school of Milan gathered in the Vatican Saturday, “because dialogue among cultures, persons, and ethnicities is richness…What we need is “an open culture that allows us to look at the foreigner, the migrant, the member of another culture like a subject worth listening to, considering, and appreciating,” he said….”


…The Archbishop of Florence has announced he will be selling 86,000 square feet of property to a Muslim group in order for them to build a mosque in Sesto Fiorentino. Cardinal of Florence, Giuseppe Betori, approved of the sale saying, “The transformation of Western societies into multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious societies is a fact and a future that inevitably awaits us.”

Do this Pope and his supporters among the western elitists know that Islam has hated, loathed, and wanted to eliminate Christianity, everywhere—for 1400 years?

Yes, I think they do.

This Pope may just be a moron who believes Islam and Christianity can make kissy-face and touch-touch, and live together in happy harmony. And maybe he gets a few converts to his Catholic “Church.” Except Islam’s book says that those who leave Islam must die. But I guess he believes all that can be mitigated by the wonderful, kindly mullahs and Imams he’s apparently been schmoozing with.

I think the elitists believe Islam can organize Earth for them—in behalf of them. I think these insane, One-World, Star Trek, evil commie bstrds believe they will automatically come to rule Earth and its billions of serfs. That is, just as soon as they somehow co-opt Islam to their Will and assume Control.

Have this Pope or these Elitists forgotten that Islam has hated and wanted to eliminate all Christians and all Christianity, everywhere?


Have they forgotten? No. Obviously not.

And what will the outcome of this seeming war against a free Humanity be? Islam is already inside the west—inhabiting its governments, laws, institutions, and traditions. Lies are everywhere. The wonders of Islam are proclaimed everyplace there are “folks” to proclaim it.

A subtle subversion marks all tides and waves of Earth. A tsunami is coming; as soon as the percentages are right for Them; as soon as we remaining Christians and non-Christians are weak enough—enslaved, or intimidated and eliminated by our own laws.

There are said to be about 1,000,600,000 Muslims. Thats, 1.6 BILLION. And their leaders have Earth and America by the balls, kids. Don’t look, but, as Lenny Bruce said, “the masked man’s a ‘fag.’”

“OMG! THE MASKED MAN’S A ‘FAG’!” – NightFlight.Com

Nothing is what it seems.

Hey Jews, when they come for us again they won’t ask if you voted for Tlaib, Omar, Ellis, or Obama. That doesn’t matter. Islam has finally gotten it right. Islam is on track for world domination—of Earth. Seemingly, with help from our Popes and politicians. From fake Jews, liberal Jews, and Democrat “progressive” Jews. From entertainers, “suburban women,” celebrities, Hollywood, movies, TV, the so-called “news,” music, athletes, more Jews, and a 365 never-ending pounding of propaganda—this time world dominance seems Islam’s to lose.

Barring the unforeseen.

Barring some sea-change of Earth, its governments, its “suburban women,” and disabling blindness to its own imminent demise.

Some questions are : what are you doing about it? What can you do? What will you do if your time arrives?

It will come softly. You may not even feel it, or be aware. You may be awash in a happy sea of music, entertainment, and free stuff.  It will be done via laws, via “healthcare,” food, water—things they might let you have and things they might take away.

I am talking about the governments. World government. Whoever’s in charge when it comes. If it comes.

“ Be Prepared.”