Something most Millennials or Hipsters could not tell you. They would not know or remember, because this predates the Google database.

But we remember. We used this all the time. We heard it everywhere. It was no secret to us. They even wrote songs about it.

“Barney Google” – YouTube.Com

And maybe this was the real intention behind the name?



First recorded in 1925–30


  • “Every one of those theories seems like the kind of googly-eyed lunacy only the fringiest fringe-dwellers would believe.”

  • “They were looking at one another like a couple of googly-eyed kids at the end of a date in a sitcom.”

It seems to me that “modern” Millennials and Hipsters are Googly-Eyed.

“Starry-Eyed, Googly Eyed Lovers” – dpstinkyfinga.files.wordpress.com

They seem to easily believe leftist “lunacy only the fringiest fringe-dwellers would believe.” It seems to me they are starry-eyed lovers of lies, unknowing prisoners of what leftist things they are told—on scripted iPhones, Androids, PCs, and other, “modern,” digital devices.

Where they “see” a made-up, inculcated, leftist “reality.”

It seems to me, Google, Twitter, and Silicon Valley tell Millennials and Hipsters how to run their lives. What to say, sing, applaud, think, and do.

“Social media,” the “news,” and seemingly everything they may know and believe comes to them filtered, curated, and collated— via Silicon Valley.

Meaning—they are enslaved by so-called Masters Of The Universe, who run almost all information, lives, and American awareness. This is reportedly done amid great secrecy and prejudice— out of special leftist enclaves deep in what is called, “Silicon Valley.”

Silicon Valley

  • The area in northern California, southwest of San Francisco in the SantaClara valley region, where many of the high-technology design and manufacturing companies in the semiconductor industry are concentrated.
“…where many of the high-technology design and manufacturing companies in the semiconductor industry are concentrated.”
Where they are concentrated.
Where they are concentrated, along with seemingly all “modern” Marxist, Socialist, “Progressive,” Communist opinions, ideas, lies, schemes, plots, deeds, and thoughts. All leftist philosophy, notes, speeches, records, and world views. All hidden murders and terror.
All knowledge. All thoughts. All opinions. All marching obediently in lockstep for the glory of a promised utopian future. A thousand years of Equality and Joy. They believe.
All futures. All pasts. Whatever will be will be, Que sera, sera. They believe.
The future belongs to them—they believe.
And half the known world follows. Half the known world follows—because they believe.
They are the ones they have waited for—they believe. All Earth is theirs, they are told—and they believe.

“Tomorrow Belongs To Me….” (Der Morgige Tag Ist Mein – See Important Video, Below.)



Companies such as Google and Facebook have been at the center of a number of user data scandals in recent years, the most notable being Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal which appeared to shock most of the public after the personal details of 87 million users was left vulnerable. Nieman Labs reports that the Cambridge Analytica scandal was not, however, an isolated incident….

…Last summer, an AP investigation found that Google’s location tracking remains on even if you turn it off in Google Maps, Search, and other apps. Research from Vanderbilt professor Douglas Schmidt found that Google engages in “passive” data collection, often without the user’s knowledge. His research also showed that Google utilizes data collected from other sources to de-anonymize existing user data….

Google’s personal data collection practices affect the more than 2 billion people who use devices running their Android operating software and hundreds of millions more iPhone users who rely on Google for browsing, maps, or search. Most of them expect Google to collect some data about them in exchange for use of services…as the AP discovered, Google continues to do some of this even after consumers explicitly turn off tracking.


“And Half The Known World Follows.”