It is both silly and absurd to try to respond to every bizarre utterance of the Left. Their automated propaganda machine—their mass-worshipped, daily spew of lies, spies, cries, and who is about to die—can hypnotize, bewilder, and stymie even the cleverest.

DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS, and “Johnny” The Martian Propaganda Machine – gfx2.aftonbladet-cdn.se/

It’’s supposed to do that. Bewilder and stymie. The Left wants to falsify Reality and demoralize the Right. Take us down. Wipe us out along with our traditions, laws, heroes, and the American Way. They are not “kindly socialists.” they are fascist, totalitarian communists. There is nothing pretty about them. There is nothing good or “free” about the “diversity” of them or their full-on, automated, “news,” and lies machine.

They are clearly and openly engaged in subversion, and provocation. They wallow in baseless attacks, automatic lies, and a rolling, mechanized coup d’etat. 

And so some famous bloggers move to unrelated topics. They have to keep writing, but how many can go on? How many times can anyone seriously say the same thing about the Left? That they lie; cheat; steal; are perverted, insane, drugged, alien, anti-American, anti-Trump, and dangerous? That they live and “resist”— for one purpose only?

How many? Well—me, for one: I can keep saying “the message,” forever. I mean—the Left doesn’t change, and neither does the message. The left stays the same—or gets worse—and the message only becomes more relevant. More pressing. More appropriate and deadly.

It’s the Message….

Democrats, Leftists, Liberals, Progressives—and other Communists—exist only to destroy America and its elected President. To bring us down to a common, lowest level of poverty, suffering, and enslavement. To serfdom. To trick us into their unicorn-fart, wet-dream. Their crushing nightmare of world-wide, dehumanizing, totalitarian rule.


Some of them are attractive, “charismatic,” speak Spanish, have Mexican names, and can do the hand-jive. They can dance fast, look good, wear funny hats, act in made-up movies, and inside their play-pretend lives and realities on TV. They can kneel athletically, be multi-millionaires, and read the “news” as gods from some scripted fake Olympus “reality,” They can cry on demand, and be eternal victims. They can emote, gesticulate, and talk about a world they will “create”—in a flow of unthinkable, lying bullshlt never seen on Earth.

They are already— in thier own minds—Earth’s “beautiful,” chosen rulers and enforcers—by any means, at any cost, in a Communist System of forced suppression and enslavement.


When they come for you—when their numbers and “laws” are right for them—they won’t ask who you voted for. They won’t ask what you believe. They will already know who to take away and eliminate from their World. They will have your own words and views—spoken, telephoned, blogged, tweeted, Commented, site-seen, site-visited, or  Facebooked.

They already have a  record to use against you. Or—your neighbors, friends, and associates will have turned you in.

It’s already too late for you.

You are on their list.

How much more of this will you absorb?

Can you decide where you will stand when the time comes? Decide what you are capable of? Decide what to do? Can you—decide, to whom does the future “belong?”


Can you see through—can you penetrate the veil—of singing, fast-dancing, funny hats, and acting? Does tomorrow belong to Them?