DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, PROGRESSIVES, “SOCIALISTS,” AND OTHER BOLSHEVIK COMMUNISTS have abandoned Law, Truth, Facts, News, and Reality—in pursuit of political perversion. 

They are still focused on Hillary losing. Also, upon total destruction of Donald J. Trump—and of America, and all Conservatives—by any means necessary or possible, including death.

Threats of murder and assassination have flowed onto Trump as feely and openly as water.

Some threats have been made and acted upon. Victims have been Trump’s entire family, his Cabinet, elected officials, and Trump supporters—such as you and I.


DEMOCRATS have co-opted and used every negative morsel they could extract from a lying, Mass Communications Media, from the FBI/CIA/NSA/DNI/Clinton/Obama/Power Axis—way down to back alleys and motel bedrooms.

With impunity—worshipped, it seems—Democrats say and do the dumbest, least sensible things possible. They fill a clown car of absurdity, performance, manipulation, and lies.



DEMOCRATS have chosen as their base ANYbody and ANYgroup who will choose  THEM back.

ANYone at all who will oppose Trump and VOTE DEMOCRAT. Nothing else matters to Democrats. Nothing.

Who are this “base?” Illegals, Jihadi, enemies of America, incarcerated criminals, drug addicts and dealers, thieves, rapists, killers, gunners, kneelers, and celebrity pukes.

ANYBODY who will vote Democrat and anti-Trump. For whatever reason, For any reason. For any reason at all.


DEMOCRATS have decided what they stand for:

“TRUTH? We ain’t got no TRUTH. We don’t need no TRUTH! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ TRUTH!”



Democrats don’t stand for a damn thing.

Except getting elected and re-elected.

Except Power. Except personal aggrandizement and wealth. Except Rule—by Them—over One World, and AN Enslaved Planet Of Serfs: Earth.


Democrats do what they want. Democrats say what they want. Democrats are not held responsible, ever reigned in, and are never punished.

This has become a Lost World.

Can Earth be saved? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Can America survive as a Free Country and Constitutional Republic?

If there is any chance of this country surviving as a Constitutional Republic, it will only be if rule of law extends to everyone and even the thought of using the law enforcement and investigative agencies of government as tools of partisan politics is rejected out of hand.

[1.] The evidence suggests that Hillary tried to set up Trump for an October surprise with the ludicrous Steele Dossier that Fusion GPS duly provided to the FBI.   Fusion GPS briefed Mother Jones and Yahoo News on the Steele Dossier prior to the November 2016 election, and both ran stories stating some of the claims therein, noting that they were the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation.   The real October surprise, though, was that this illegal political dirty trick (for filing a false report with the FBI is illegal) did not swing the election to Hillary.

[2.] After the election, the Russia collusion story became the basis for a second bite at the apple — a soft coup orchestrated by the people in the DOJ, CIA and FBI who acted lawlessly prior to the election, not merely in trying to use the October surprise to down Trump, but also to protect those in on the lawless whitewash of Hillary Clinton’s multiple violations of the law regarding security of classified information.  It was a soft coup virtually every proggie in government and the media gleefully embraced.  Unfortunately for them, generating an investigation of Trump on almost certainly bogus — and thus unlawful — grounds to fish for evidence of a crime — any crime — worthy of impeachment came up empty.  Apparently, they should have dug up Lavrentiy Beria to do the investigation….

…retribution is not what we need, but fairly investigating and then, if warranted, enforcing the rule of law is long overdue, richly deserved, and absolutely necessary if this country is to survive.

And any proggie who tries to stand in the way of that investigation needs to pay a stiff price indeed.


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